KAZE 'Rebel' Kata Gi




I have been very fortunate to travel to many countries to compete in Karate tournaments. This has allowed me to watch many different athletes compete, make many new friends and share experiences with them. One such experience shared with me recently was on Karate Gi (suit) choice. Yes I had my favoured Karate Gi for Kata (us Kata people can be very fussy and particular about our choice of Gi) so I was always going to be sceptical when introduced to a new Gi. However, to my surprise, I was really impressed by this Gi made by KAZE.


“Who is KAZE?” I hear you ask. Well KAZE is based in the Czech Republic and is owned and operated by the former Czech Karate champion Miroslav Schwarz and his son Marek.  There is a KAZE Northern Europe outlet  that is the representative of KAZE in Northern Europe who introduced me to their brand (www.kaze-sport.dk).


The Gi I was shown was their latest design, the KAZE Rebel. It felt surprisingly similar to my current GI only feeling slightly softer and lighter. Okay not bad so far, I was shown how it was designed to let the athlete's skin  breathe, how it was constructed to enhance that snapping effect and even how the red terry elasticised waist band had been specially designed for absorption and comfort. As it’s made in the EU it conforms to very high standards of manufacture too.


Wow, now getting seriously interested. But who else is using the KAZE Gi’s. Well my question was soon answered and a quick visit to their website confirmed this for me. None other than current Female WKF Senior World Champion, Yohana Sanchez!  Also, my friend 3 x Junior European Champion Dorota Balicarova, 3 x Senior European Champion Mirna Senjug and another Czech legend, Petra Nova.


I was converted, something that I thought would never happen, the Karate Gi for champions, now my new Gi for Kata. And what do I think…?


It's great, I love it, !


So there you go, shared experiences. Please feel free to share my experience for yourself.













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