I thought I'd bring you into my own little world, my second home if you like, my dojo where I train and where I teach.

My dad had the dojo built a few years ago for me and my brother (well, he ordered it and two builders put it together) . It's of timber construction, square layout - about 5m x 5m with a nice high apex ceiling which gives great feeling of space. It's full matted with 25mm thick red and blue competition mats laid out like a competition Tatami area.

Due to its large size and square shape it's perfect for practicing full-on Katas without having to start-stop, start-stop mid-flow to shuffle back or to the side allowing me to fully appreciate and explore the Kata embusen. With that, its perfect for practicing spatial positioning too allowing me to exactly know my perimeter boundaries and my start and end points.

So, it’s spacious, bright and airy with glazed double doors and windows across the front with windows on both sides towards the front too. I can get a nice cool breeze cutting through warm summer air in the dojo with the windows open, perfect for training in those long, warm summer evenings.

There are lots of pieces of equipment in the dojo to help with my training and teaching, kick shields, focus pads, skipping ropes and leg stretchers. There’s also some Kumite orientated equipment too like hand mitts, body armour and even a punch bag to help me develop additional power into my punches and kicks. I have three sets of numchucks and a Jo staff for a spot of weapons training when the mood grabs me.

With all this equipment, one thing I wanted to ensure was maintaining a clear floor space. That’s why everything has a place to on the wall, all the equipment is easily accessible without cluttering up my dojo.

Talking about space on the walls, I have some posters I’ve collected from various international competitions, a few photos of me when I was really young and there’s the infamous wall of fame (or maybe it should be the ‘wall of train’). Everyone who’s trained in my dojo signs the wall which really personalises my dojo and is a nice memento of the many Karate friends I have made over the years. Want to sign your name too?

I am a member of Ishinryu Karate, 1st Dan Black Belt in traditional Wado-Ryu but I specialise in competition Shito-Ryu and Shotokan Katas being a 3 time WKF European Silver medallist and World Bronze Medallist.


If you are interested in learning competition Katas or want to sharpen up or enhance your competition skills, drop me a line at: