Why Online training?


Until now Kata specific training has been limited to seminars, classes and private training, but now I can bring the lesson to you.


Different types of online training can provide you with a way to gain feedback on your katas to work on, in your own time whilst saving time and money on travel costs.


You can work on specific feedback without having to rush from work and school to the dojo or to a lesson.


Sometimes the access to private lessons just aren’t possible, but online feedback provides yourself or your children with more options.


It is like private lesson feedback but sent straight to you from your videos.


What is the one Kata video feedback?

What is the full competition feedback?

What is the four week training program?

It’s like a very quick online private lesson for one Kata. With this option, you get a full page of bullet point feedback all on one Kata for you to work on whenever you want, in your own time. This can be from a competition or training session, the choice is yours.

For example, have you ever finished a competition or session, and feel one Kata needs some work? Or away on holiday and want some things to work on for when you get back?

This is the option perfect for you.

"Practice like you have never won, perform like you have never lost."
Have you recently competed at a competition and would like feedback on your performances? If so this is the option for you. The purpose of this is for me to watch your competition videos and give you feedback on a number of aspects to help you improve for your next competition and also, for general Kata feedback. This can be from any previous competition, not just recent. A competition is a great way to learn how to improve and learn from mistakes we have made.

Throughout my career I have filmed nearly every single round from when I first started competing at 9 years old. (That's a lot of katas!) but each time, win or lose, I have gained so much from watching back and seeing potential corrections and identifying areas for improvement.

With this option you get to work on your feedback in your own time and keep the feedback points on you at all times.

"There are no losses, only lessons."
The four week training program is a one to one guide to help you improve on katas of your choice through personal coaching and weekly feedback.

The aim is for you to get maximum feedback and coaching for a full four weeks with weekly progress updates, support, and check-ins with me, for just over the cost of a ONE hour private session.

For continuous training, this is your perfect option.

"Effort = Achievement."
To find out what is included
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To find out what is included
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To find out what is included
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