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Please help me support Moorfields Eye Charity, it helped me see a brighter future.





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As I had been a patient at Moorfields Eye Hospital when I was younger, I recently received a letter from them concerning their charity, the Moorfields Eye Charity. The letter explained the importance of charitable support which enables Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to continue to provide the highest quality care for its patients and their families. Aside from requesting charitable donations, what the letter did was make me aware of the charity’s existence and make me think of how things may have turn out personally for me had Moorfields not been there to save the sight of my eye.

To cut a long story short (the full history of my eye accident can be read on the About Me > Sayonara to Kumite page) I got glass in my right eye in 2004 when I was 8 years old. I nearly lost the sight in my eye but detaching retinas, cataracts, false lenses and six operations over two years later my sight was saved, not fully, about 75% with a false lens in my eye, but to me it was a miracle. Although my fighting days were over my Karate was heading in a new direction – Kata, thanks to Moorfields.

Now being a former patient at Moorfields I know first hand about the care and support they provide and of course the miraculous work they do and I felt drawn to wanting to help support the charity. Obviously I’m not in a financial position to make regular donations but I thought I could help make a difference by promoting the charity helping to give it more awareness.


Additionally I pledge that I will make a proportional donation on any course or seminar fees that I receive from Karate, after all, it’s because of Moorfields I could still do Karate which has become my life, kind of fitting I think.

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Moorfields Eye Charity details can be found by following this link:


Moorfields Eye Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (Reg. Charity No: 1140679)