Kata Champions International Seminar ~ 23-24 September 2017






Amazing!   Awesome!   Brilliant!   Fantastic!   Mind Blowing!


Just some of the superlatives that describe what has been the best Kata seminar in England this year. What an opportunity not only to train along side, but to coach along side two utterly brilliant Karateka.


Firstly, the Italian legend, six times World Champion, 22 times European Champion and current member of the WKF Technical Committee, Sensei Luca Valdesi.


Secondly, England legend, twice European senior medallist, Commonwealth Champion, million times National and British Champion and to top it all... record breaking European Championship Coach (only coach to gain 6 Kata medals from 8 categories in European history), Sensei Jonathan Mottram.


It was such an honour for me to teach alongside these two fantastic coaches. Not only was the karate training shared by my fellow instructors brilliant but the atmosphere during the training, amongst the athletes, parents and Instructors was great. Jonathan Mottram brings such enthusiasm and energy to teaching that inspires me and everyone around him. Luca Valdesi's Knowledge and explanations are so incredible that I and everyone else learned so much. I even had the chance to train in his Gankaku Kata session with Jon and I learned so much. I enjoyed teaching alongside two people I call my friends and that I highly respect and appreciate!

11 sessions over 2 days, 16 hours of training, 8 amazing Katas, Shotokan and Shito-Ryu, there was something for everyone in this most intensive, high octane, Kata-packed seminar.


Sensei Valdesi started the seminar off by taking the main group through Gojushiho-Sho Kata with Sensei Mottram and myself coaching the lower grades Kihon improving their basics in Karate. After a very short break I was next to coach the participants in Tomari Bassai with Sensei Mottram assisting. Then Valdesi teaching Enpi, Mottram teaching Paiku, Valdesi with his show-stopping signature Kata Gankaku... The sessions went on over the weekend, alternating between Shotokan and Shito-Ryu Katas, Valdesi, Mottram and myself. 6 sessions on the first day followed by another 5 on day two. Wow, what an event, a 'Kata Fest' from the best!


Given there were a few competitions on over the weekend as well as a few other seminars, the turnout was fantastic with approximately 80 students in total, the majority of who did the full two days of training and I'm sure certainly got their money's worth over the weekend.


Valdesi was awesome, his knowledge and ability is second-to-none clearly demonstrating why he's part of the WKF Technical Committee. Mottram was simply amazing as usual and there is no doubt why he's the Senior National Kata Coach. I felt very lucky to work along side two fantastic coaches and share my knowledge with great and hard working Karateka.


My thanks goes out to Mike Carr for organising the 2017 Kata Champions Seminar and it was great to see Mike suited and booted and creating such a professional, friendly seminar and being a great seminar host. It just goes to show what can be achieved when the right group of people come together. Thank you to everyone who came from all over the country to train with us, we hope you enjoyed it!



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