British Four Nations Championships ~ 27-28 May 2017







British Champion ~ Aimee Sell


After a two year absence, Aimee was back competing at the British Four Nations Championships hoping to pick up where she left off back in 2015, British Champion. The British Championships were being held in Sheffield this time round, rather than the more recent home of The Chris Hoy Stadium up in Glasgow.  So almost a home-from-home for Aimee, as Ponds Forge in Sheffield, had been the home of the English National Championships for many years up until this year where it has secured a new home in Leicester.


The championships were being held over two days, Saturday and Sunday with Aimee competing in the Female Senior Kata event on the second day. Aimee's three club students had all competed on Saturday with each of them coming away with a medal securing a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal, so a good start for coach Aimee and her new club. Now it was down to Aimee to shine as a competitor.



Female Senior Kata

Aimee had four rounds to negotiate in her category being drawn blue for the first three rounds and red should she make the final round.


First Round

Aimee's 1st round was against fellow England competitor, JS Karate Academy's Holly Stoner, who recently represented England in Team Kata at the Senior European Karate Championships held in Turkey. Holly had just won the Female U21 Kata category a short while earlier and was in good form so a tough match was in prospect. Holly performed a good Anan Kata with Aimee opting to perform Suparinpai Kata. Flags went 5-0 to Aimee progressing her into the next round.


Second Round Quarter Finals

Aimee's next opponent in the quarter-final was Katy Owen, representing the mighty Shindo-Kai Association. Katy performed Chatanyara Kushanku Kata with Aimee choosing to mix it up a little and perform Kururunfa Kata. A nice rendition of the Kata saw Aimee secure another 5 flags to 0 win to place her in the semi-finals.


Third Round Semi Final

The semi-final saw Aimee pitted against another one of the England Kata Team ladies who competed at the Senior European Karate Championships, Kelly Horsfall, representing Yanagi-Kai Association. Kelly performed Suparinpai Kata and Aimee responded with an impressive display of the little-seen Anan-Dai Kata. Once again Aimee secured a 5 flags to 0 win securing her place in the final.


Fourth Round Final

Following the repechage rounds where Holly went on to face Kelly in the bronze medal match and win to claim her second medal of the championships, Aimee was soon in action facing Kelly's club mate and the last of the Senior European Karate Championship England Kata Team trio, Yanagi-Kai's Natalie Payne. The final was a repeat of the English Nationals held the previous month where Aimee had claimed victory over her opponent then. This time, Aimee was drawn red and had to perform first. Aimee chose to perform Papuren Kata as she had done at the English Nationals whilst Natalie opted to perform Kosokan-Dai. Aimee performed a superb clean, crisp, sharp Papuren Kata and with a 3 flags to 2 win secured her 9th British National title.



A fantastic achievement from Karate Girl Aimee who had now won the double (English and British titles in the same year) 6 times. After two years away from the British, Aimee was back and back in style.