New Karate Club - 16th November 2016



AS Karate Academy


AS Karate Academy, is my new venture, pulling away from my previous club and association to effectively be my own boss and deliver the kind of training I believe is both progressive and fun. This is my first solo club and I am very excited to get started.


The new club is based locally to me in Romford, at New Vibe Studios which is opposite Gallows Corner Tesco carpark. It is open every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 pm.


I have put in a lot of ground work in getting my club off the ground, designing a new grading syllabus, getting club logos designed, designing and printing flyers, badges, grading books, websites, club database, securing venue hire, setting up a new business account, EKF club application and licences, etc, etc. The list is almost endless but worth all the effort.

It has taken a lot of planning, effort and capital to get my new club up and running. It’s not been cheap, it’s not been all plain sailing either with a few obstacles and hurdles to overcome, but perseverance and determination has finally seen me achieve one of my personal goals. I look forward to seeing many new faces at the club in the coming weeks.


AS Karate Academy is now a full member of the English Karate Federation so expect to start seeing my students on the competition circuit soon.






Address: New Vibe Studios, 17 Avenue Business Park, Bryant Avenue, Romford.