Pro-Karate Academy Kata Course



Aimee with Sensei's Chelsea and Ross


Pro-Karate Academy, a recent addition to the EKF family recently hosted a Kata course featuring Karate Girl Aimee Sell. The course was organised by Pro-Karate Academy Instructors, Sensei's Chelsea Sydes and Ross Pryce at their Hertfordshire Dojo for Sunday 20th September 2015. This was to be their first Kata course organised for the newly formed Association so Aimee was determined to put on a great show, despite suffering the early affects of a cold.

The course had been organised into two distinct groups, an early session for the younger beginner grade students followed by a session catering for the older and higher grade students.

Aimee broke the first session down into a number of components starting off with the usual warm-up routines. Aimee followed this by developing some fun technical drills to help the young students improve their Kata performances leading on to a series of combinations building into their 1st Pinan Kata. Following a brief interlude for a game of dodge ball with the students including Sensei's Chelsea and Ross, Aimee completed the final part of the training taking the students through the opening movements of Seienchin Kata. Aimee finished off the session by performing a Kata demonstration of Anan and Papuren Katas. The young students were fantastic, full of concentration, enthusiasm and very well behaved. A credit to PKA Sensei's.

The following session once again started off with a fun and light-hearted warm-up session. Aimee focused the students in the next part on execution of technique, movement, hip work, transitions etc., building into a series of combinations. Each drill aimed to develop and improve basic Karate and Kata technique. With a few squeaks along the way as her voice was going, Aimee progressed on to teaching the senior students the Shitoryu Kata Anan. Aimee broke down each each part, explaining techniques, demonstrating the Bunkai application to certain parts. Although the students were new to this Kata, they did exceptionally well to follow and build upon the Kata as it progressed. Aimee finished off by performing both Seienchin and Basai-Dai Katas slowly so the students could film them for future reference before finally performing Anan with full speed and power with Nipaipo Kata completing the day.

The students, both beginner and higher grade were a pleasure for Aimee to teach. Except for her cold breaking and voice starting to disappear, she thoroughly enjoyed the day teaching the hard working and well mannered students. Both Sensei Chelsea and Ross and all the students made Aimee very welcome and were a credit to Pro-Karate Academy.



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