1st Karate Masterclass Seminar - 18 July 2015






The very first Karate Masterclass Seminar, hosted by The Martial Arts Centre, took place on Saturday 18th July 2015 in Braintree, Essex, home Dojo of The Martial Arts Centre. It was 'Girl Power' all the way as the seminar, which was put together by TMAC Chief Instructor Sensei Dave Wilson, saw some of England's finest emerging talent combine both Kata and Kumite disciplines to present a unique training seminar.


The session was split into three distinct sections by Sensei's Aimee Sell and Kate Karwacinski.  The first session being taken jointly by Aimee and Kate, was a unique take on Kata and Kumite techniques.  They presented a combination technique, Aimee demonstrated how in Kata that particular combination would be performed, Kate then demonstrated the same technique but from a Kumite perspective. The students studied and practiced the Kata specific characteristics of the combination where the emphasis was on locking, stillness and precision, before moving on the Kumite characteristics where the emphasis shifted towards more speed and fluidity of the combination. An extremely enlightening and engaging perspective highlighting the subtle differences between Kata and Kumite in technique execution.  A brilliantly thought up first session from the two young ladies.


The mid session was taken by Aimee. Gankaku. Some of the students were already familiar with this Shotokan favourite Kata, while some others were gaining their first experiences of training and performing it. Aimee broke down each move, explaining it's execution and building on the combinations to gradually complete the Kata as a whole. The students did fantastically well to pick up many of the technical elements of the Kata in what was an intense and demanding session.


The final session focused on Kumite drills and techniques taught by Kate. The students were introduced to reaction drills, followed by a more technical breakdown of kicking techniques with pad work practice. Kate finished the session with some cardio vascular combination drills where everyone worked up a great sweat.


The course had something for everyone, whether they were Kata or Kumite inclined or general Karate enthusiasts. Girl Power at its best. A great course which will be repeated again annually, so whatch out for the next one.


"A fantastic and enjoyable day teaching on the 1st Karate Master Class Seminar alongside one of England's Finest Kumite Athlete's Kate Karwacinski three times European Medallist!  An interesting blend of Kata where I taught the Shotokan Kata Gankaku, Kumite taken by Kate and Kihon taught by myself and kate, showing how they all compliment each other to form the great Art - Karate. Aimee Sell

Thank You to Sensei Dave Wilson for organising this day at The Braintree Martial Arts Centre.

Aimee Sell




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