Two Day Course @ RB Academy - 27 & 28 June 2015







Karate Girl Aimee Sell and Sensei Rob Bingham ran a fantastic two-day weekend course in Grimsby on Saturday and Sunday 27-28th June 2015. Held at the Reshapers Health and Fitness Gym, home dojo to Sensei Rob's RB Academy , the two-day Kata and Fitness course was well attended with nearly all of the current England Kata squad selected for the Junior World Championships in attendance.


The course was split throughout the weekend into a number of different sessions giving everyone attending a different aspect of Kata and training to help develop better Kata. The sessions were not overlapped allowing everyone to participate in the full range of activities.


Course First Day

The first session on day one consisted of Kihon, the basics of  Karate. Sensei Rob took the initial session working the students through a number of different drills and exercises, establishing the basics of techniques. A good strong foundation helps build strong Karate and good Kata. A great opening session to start off the course.


Session two was picked up by Sensei Aimee who taught the eager students the initial parts of their new Kata, the unique and dynamic Shito-Ryu Nipaipo Kata. Nipaipo, translating into "28 steps", is an unusual Kata, unique to Shito-Ryu style of Karate, with roots in the Chinese "White Crane" style martial art. Aimee showed the students the techniques of the Kata along with the application of techniques (Bunkai) to fully develop their understanding of the Kata. Another successful session completed at the first day's midway point.


Following a break the students were back in action with Sensei Rob teaching the students the Shotokan Kata, Unsu, during the third session of the day. Unsu, literally means "cloud hands", and is one of the most advanced kata found in the Shotokan syllabus. This is a very strong, fast and hard Kata, and Rob did an excellent job at expertly explaining and refining the techniques to this competition crowd pleasing Kata.


The final session of the day was a fitness session taken by Sensei Aimee. Aimee had the students completing circuits utilising much of the equipment available in the gym. A tiring session making the students feel that they had really earned a good night's rest at the conclusion of the final day one session.  A tiring first day for the students and Sensei's too, as both Aimee and Rob joined in each others sessions when not teaching getting fully engaged in the course. Leadership by example!


Many of the students and parents met up with Sensei's Aimee and Rob in the evening where they went out for a meal together emphasising how Karate can bring people together. An enjoyable evening was had by all.


Course Second Day

Day two and the first session kicked off with a return of the Kihon with the session focusing on the basics and techniques, but this time hosted by Sensei Aimee. A few additional students had arrived for the second day of the course so this was a new session for them.


Following the Kihon session, Aimee and Rob held an open fitness training session next which had the additional presences of the 'ladies of Reshapers' joining in with the students. A really active but fun session using some routines, some circuits, focus mits and pad work. A real workout for everyone involved.


After a break, Sensei Rob was back in action teaching the students another one of Shotokan's most difficult Kata, Gankaku. Gankaku is a very difficult Kata to master with its turns and twisting motions making balance hard to maintain. The movements are light and snappy, but also long and controlled. Gankaku’s name translates to "Crane on a rock" and it truly gives the students the feeling of a Crane standing on one leg defending itself.


Following another excellent session from Sensei Rob, it was Sensei Aimee's turn to pick up the baton and complete the second half of her tuition of Shito-Ryu's Nipaipo Kata. A quick recap of the first half, mainly for the new students attending just the second day of the course, was followed by the remaining elements to the Kata. It was an excellent session where the students got to finish and practice a new Kata many hadn't practiced before. Learning never stops in Karate.


Finally the last session of the course was underway, fitness, taken by Sensei Rob. A killer session guaranteed to make everyone ache the following day, especially having trained continuously throughout the weekend. And with that the weekend course had finally concluded. Everyone congratulated themselves on making it through what was a tough yet fun weekend of Karate training.


There was a great camaraderie throughout out weekend amongst the students, the parents and the Sensei's Aimee and Rob. Having both Aimee and Rob join in each others sessions was a great example to the students that everyone could benefit from each session, whether a beginner or a seasoned champion, each session was beneficial to everyone who participated in them. Even the 'Reshapers ladies' got involved in the Sunday morning open fitness session. A fantastic weekend of training with Aimee looking forward to the next one.  Big thank you to Sensei Rob Bingham for organising, Tracey Easton and Reshapers for the venue and all the students who participated.



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