English National Championships - 18th April 2015


Double National Champion


Double delight for Karate Girl Aimee Sell at the English Karate Federation National Championships as she scooped double Gold. Aimee took gold in the Female Kata U21 years category before moving into the Female Senior Kata category retaining her senior national title.

The English National Championships represent the pinnacle of Karate tournaments in England, it’s like FA Cup final weekend. These championships were held in their usual home at Ponds Forge in Sheffield over the 18-19th April weekend.


Female U21yrs Kata

In the U21yrs Kata event, Aimee performed Suparinpai kata against her opponent, Kelly Horsfall's,  Kosokun Dai Kata in her opening round winning convincingly 5 flags to 0.


In the 2nd round Aimee was brawn blue once more and performed her Kata Annan following her opponent, Ashleigh Whyte's performance of Suparinpai. Once again Aimee performed her Kata well and received all 5 flags once more to secure her place in the final.


The final pitted Aimee against her England teammate Natalie Payne as England's top two battled it out with a Chatanyara Kushanku double. Both excellent performances but Aimee secured the 4 flags to 1 victory to give the the U21yrs title.



Female Senior Kata

The senior Kata event had a few more competitors entered than the U21yrs event did so Aimee had four rounds to complete.


In the 1st round Aimee's opponent, Alice Hylton, performed a strong and sharp Unsu Kata so Aimee chose to perform Suparinpai Kata. A good choice as Aimee won the round 4 flags to 1.


In the 2nd round, Aimee faced a good performance of Gojushiho before performing her own Kata of Annan. Once again another good performance which saw to receive all 5 flags from the judges.


The 3rd round semi-final Aimee and her opponent, Emma Lucraft, both performed Chatanyara Kushanku Katas but Aimee showed her class as she out-performed her opponent winning 4 flags to 1.


The showcase final once again pitted Aimee against her main rival in England, Aimee versus Natalie Payne. In front of the eager spectators Aimee performed her Kata, Nipaipo, first followed by Natalie's Chatanyara Kushanku. A spectacular final with Aimee winning 4 flags to 1 and clinching her second gold of the day.



Aimee has now won 13 National titles, 10 of them individual titles.

10 times National Champion!!