KSE8 Karate Competition - 1st March 2015



Aimee with her 18yrs+ Kata Trophy




In preparation for the Senior European Karate Championships, Aimee attended the KSE8 Karate Competition in Gloucester on Sunday 1st March 2015.


Female 18yrs+, Black Belt Kata

Aimee competed in the 18yrs+ Kata event and she started well winning her opening round 3-0 following her Paiku performance.


Aimee followed that up with another 3-0 win after her Suparinpai Kata secured all 3 flags in the 2nd round semi-final.


The final saw Aimee perform Anan and secure gold with another flawless display winning 3-0.


Aimee looked sharp throughout and remains on course for a positive European Championships.



Aimee was on hand to help coach some of her club and private students who all secured medals at this very busy competition. They had entered a number of events between them which kept Aimee on her toes watching closely their performances whilst also warming herself up in preparation for her own event.


All 6 of her young protégées medalled securing 3 Golds, 2 Individual and a Team Silver and 2 Bronzes.


Top competitor, top coach too.

  Aimee with her young Kata Team students.