Competition Kata Workshop - 11th January 2015

Had a great day teaching in Wolverhampton on Sunday 11th January 2015.


 Mushindo Wado Kai has been the first Club to book my Competition Kata Workshop, and I hope everyone who attended or watched enjoyed it and learnt something new!


 The workshop started at 12:30pm and finished at 6:30pm, but everyone was fantastic and I could have gone on longer!, There was a great atmosphere from the students attending with participants travelling from Scotland, London, Hull and Wolverhampton! I received a lot of positive feedback and thought I'd share a few comments:


"I loved every moment of it Aimeť u are such an inspiration xxxxx"

"Was an amazing workshop, Tai will keep the loud ki ai's up. Thank you again!"


"I had a really great time at Aimee Sell kata workshop, learnt many useful techniques that I can take away with me and work on, good to have nice fresh ideas, loved it !!!"


"After travelling 5 hours and training for 6 I can say I thoroughly enjoyed Aimeť Sells kata workshop very informative and enjoyable! Thank you very much!"


"12:30 start in Wolverhampton today for the Aimeť Sell workshop and I loved every minute of it! After hard work training we finished at 6:30 so thank you Aimee you have helped me a lot!x — feeling proud"



All I can say is that It was a pleasure to teach such a hard working and nice group of people. To know that I have been able to inspire some young students is the best feeling any Instructor could have.


Thank you for all the support and to Sensei Vince Parker for having me. To all those who attended.. I had Michael Jackson playing on the way home :-).


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Below are some photos of the day.