Competition Kata Workshop - 18th October 2014


Saturday 18th October 2014 saw my first Competition Kata Workshop take place, held at Sensei Dave Wilson's  Martial Arts Centre at Braintree.


My workshop was designed as a unique approach to competition training, not specifically focusing on a specific kata, but focusing on the approach to performance, tactics, unraveling the competition rules and how to deliver a more confident and measured  performance in competition. It was designed to cut across the traditional boundaries of style benefitting all kata competitors to participate whether they are Shotokan, Gojo-Ryu, Wado, or whatever-Ryu.  So, being different, I was very eager to find out if the workshop content was going to be beneficial and whether the workshop format worked. I chose the workshop format as it allowed all the students to get involved and participate, to understand the theory, hear my stories & examples and then practice that particular section.


One important aspect of the workshop was to provide each and every student participating a workshop booklet incorporating the workshop theory content in more detail but, still keeping short so as to be used a reference and workshop referral. With many of the workshop participants competing the next day, this was realised as the booklet was on hand to many of the students using it as a refresher.


 I thoroughly enjoyed teaching on my first Competition Kata Workshop.


"That was the whole purpose of the workshop, to inspire, improve and raise the bar in England.  By sharing my knowledge and experience, I hoped everyone could benefit."


The workshop was well supported with about 20 students in attendance with students coming from Wales and Northern England, given that this was the first airing of this type of workshop and a little unknown, it was a good turnout.  It was good to see some the England Kata A squad in attendance, plus some new faces including students from Wado, Shitoryu, Shotokan and Ishinryu.  The workshop was never designed to be massive, it is always going to work best when it's more intimate which is why the places were limited and this was achieved here.


The day started off at 12:15pm allowing many of the students sufficient time to arrive and to have a chance to look through the booklet. 


The workshop was driven by the students workbooks, each section preceded with theory, highlighted with key points on the flipchart to emphasize their relevance following introductions about myself and the purpose of the workshop. There were many practical sessions throughout the day with the students either in their Karate Gi's or training t-shirts for the plyometric drills. 


"Everyone worked so hard putting in 100% and really seemed to absorb all the details."


We had a couple of breaks throughout the day allowing the students to freshen up, change into T-shirts/Gi's and rehydrate as there were some tough intense sessions that they hopefully enjoyed. The last section was aimed to allow each student a chance to put into practice everything, we as a group, had covered and see if they could incorporate the many aspects talked about and practiced. An enjoyable session and I was able to give all the participants some individual feedback. Everyone worked so hard putting in 100% and really seemed to absorb all the details. An excellent group of individuals.


I received so much positive feedback, not only from the students taking part, but also from the coaches and parents who had brought their students to the workshop. The really positive outcome was that many of the students who attended went on to medal at the various competitions taking place the very next day, all inspired and achieving some personal goals in competition. That was the whole purpose of the workshop, to inspire, improve and raise the bar in England. By sharing my knowledge and experience, I hoped everyone could benefit.


It was unexpected but pleasing to have EKF President Mick Billman turn up and take an interest in the Workshop. I'm glad to say the positive feedback was welcomed and we all had the opportunity to have a group photo shoot with our President Mick Billman. Thank you for your support.


I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Sensei Dave Wilson, head of The Martial Arts Center for allowing me the use of his excellent dojo, a true gentleman in Karate.



Competition Kata Workshop @ Your Dojo


The Competition Kata Workshop is available to all instructors and students who are serious about competition kata and who wish to improve all aspects of kata performance.  I intend to hold another workshop in the new year and can also conduct this workshop for any club instructor for their own students at their dojo or venue.


I have created a separate page with information about the Competition Kata Workshop click HERE.


Please read if you are interested in bringing the workshop to your dojo.


For instructors wishing to bring the Workshop to their dojo, please contact me to arrange details.




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