WKF Karate1 Premier League - Hanau, Germany - 27/28th September 2014











Aimee with her teammates - Evening Meal



Aimee's Hotel in Hanau - Monte Cristo



4th Round for Aimee in Germany


Aimee flew out to Hanau (near Frankfurt) in Germany on Friday morning to compete in the WKF Karate1 Premier League tournament. Aimee was travelling with her England Kata Teammates, Melissa and Natalie, and fellow England and club teammates, Kate, Chris and Steve. They all landed safely with the airport about one and a half hours away from their hotel, the Monte Cristo.


Aimee and her teammates headed straight to the registrations which went smoothly and then it was off to the town for something to eat. Having been there before, Aimee was familiar with the town and so led her teammates on their merry way. After lunch, they headed off to their hotel to find nice large rooms with big double beds and a nice large bathrooms waiting for them. Unfortunately, they didn't get a morning lay-in as they were out of the hotel at 7:00 in the morning and off to the sports venue as the competition was starting at 8:30am.


Individual Female Kata

A massive turnout for this competition with almost 90 competitors in this category containing a number of current and former Continental and World champions. A really tough event. The category was split into four pools with Aimee competing in pool 3.


Aimee received a 1st round bye awaiting the winner of Germany v Croatia to face in the next round. It was Mihaela Petrovic from Croatia who won the round 5-0 ready to face Aimee in round 2. Petrovic performed Goju Shiho Dai with Aimee performing Annan Kata against her. Aimee won the match 4 flags to 1.


The 3rd round saw Aimee face Germany's Sophie Wachter, a member of the German National team. Aimee up first this time performed Suparinpai with Wachter performing Unsu. A decisive victory for Aimee winning 5 flags to 0.


Aimee now faced Italy's Sara Battaglia, this to make the pool final. Battaglia has was Italy's no.1 for so long, a former World Senior champion and still a member of the Italian National Kata team. Aimee performed first a blistering Nipaipo, until she wobbled on one leg stepping on the mat. Therefore Aimee fully expected a 5-0 decision against her as Battaglia powered out her Goju Shiho Dai Kata. The decision went against Aimee but only 3 flags to 2. Would have been interesting to see the results had Aimee not made the mistake.


Unfortunately, Battaglia lost the pool final so no repechage for Aimee.



Team Kata

Aimee and her two Kata teammates, Melissa and Natalie were soon in action with the commencement of the Female Team Kata event. Two pools this time with the England girls in pool 2.


Aimee and her team were drawn against the host nation's National Kata team. England were up first performing Annan followed by Germany performing Kanku Sho. Unfortunately the decision went against them 4 flags to 1.


Germany made it through to the final allowing England into the repechage rounds. Due to the draws, England were straight in the the repechage final where they faced the National team from Belarus. Team England performed Paiku followed by their Bunkai. with Belarus also performing Paiku with their Bunkai version. Once again the decision went against them 4 flags to 1 leaving the team placed 5th overall. Aimee and the England team performed a good Kata but they know they have to pay more attention in their Bunkai for the forthcoming World Championships.



Afterwards Aimee and her teammates stayed to watch the finals, the male team Kata finals were excellent with both France and Spain looking very good, but as always It was good for them to watch Spain in real life because as a team, they always find their kata and Bunkai very inspirational.


Everyone then left to get a taxi back to the hotel where they had an evening meal together.


Their flight the next day was at 6:00am and because they were so far away they had to leave at 3am so not much sleep but home early.