Another podium moment for Aimee




Banzai Cup - 20th September 2014


Golden Aimee, Senior Female Kata


Aimee flew out to the German capital city of Berlin on Friday 19th September in preparation for the Banzai Cup. It was an early morning fight out and after a few hours rest in the hotel it was off to registration in the official hotel just across the road. The competition was over-subscribed with over 1,200 participants taking part so it was to be a huge competition. Yet still the registration went smoothly. 


The next day was an early start with the Kata competition events taking place first.


Female Senior Kata

There were two pools of competitors in this category with Aimee being in pool one. Aimee's 1st round opponent Agnieszka Dybicz  from Poland. Aimee performed Annan with her opponent performing Gojushiho. A good start for Aimee as she won the round 3 flags to 0.


The 2nd round saw Aimee face  Germany's Jania Lange. Once again Aimee's opponent performed Gojushiho with Aimee performing Paiku his time. however, it was the same result with Aimee securing all 3 flags once again.


Aimee then faced an old friend, Rikke Linck, from Denmark in round 3. Rikke performed Unshu and Aimee performed Suparinpai winning the round 3-0.


The semi-final saw Aimee perform Nipaipo in response to Aliaksandra Fursava's Annan Kata. Aimee beat her Belarusian opponent with another 3 flags to 0 win. to secure her place in the final.


The final saw Aimee face pool 2 winner,  Maryia Fursava, also from Belarus. Aimee up first performed Chatanyara Kushanku Kata with her Belarusian opponent matching Aimee also performing Chatanyara Kushanku. A close final but Aimee came out on top winning the final 3 flags to 2 and claiming GOLD.


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