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NLSK Course - 12th July 2014


Karate Girl Aimee Sell was recently invited to hold a course for Sensei John De Bono, Chief Instructor of North London Shotokan Karate (NLSK) and Board Member of the English Karate Federation. Saturday 12th July 2014, saw Aimee travel to Enfield in North London to the home Dojo of NLSK.


Aimee had two classes arranged for her to coach, the initial class consisting of the lower grade students followed by the second class of the higher grade NLSK members. Each class had approximately 25 students participating with a diversity of ages and abilities which kept Aimee on her toes.


To start off the course, Aimee taught the first class some basic drills, employing some fun routines to work the students on speed of movement for turns whilst focusing on hand, foot and head speed. The younger students seemed to enjoy the different method of training basics. To end the first class, Aimee clossed the session with a Kata demonstration of Nipaipo.


The students quickly changed over for the second class to start. Aimee taught the more advanced Shotokan students the Shito-Ryu Kata of Paiku. Aimee performed the Kata slowly in front of the class so the students could see what they were in for. Aimee then lined the class up to teach the Kata. Aimee broke the Kata down into sections, teaching and building section upon section until the whole class could perform the Kata end-to-end. Needless to say, they found the Shito-Ryu style very different to their usual Shotokan Karate style with the different emphasis of Shiko Dachi stances instead of Kiba Dachi for example. The class did extremely well to complete the Kata before the session was over. To finish, Aimee performed the Kata, Paiku, full on to the class and hopefully left them a little more knowledgeable with a new Kata to practice.


Aimee would like to thank the students of NLSK for attending and working hard, and John and Jane De Bono for inviting her to teach.


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Aimee Sell - Teaching Paiku @ NLSK



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