Aimee Sell @ CEWKA


Aimee outside the venue with her trophy







Central England 18th Open Karate Championships

6th July 2014


Golden Aimee, Senior Female Kata


Sunday 6th July 2014 saw the annual Central England Open Karate Championships take place. This year it was being held in a new bigger sports venue in Worcester, but still in the midlands.


Aimee had competed at this competition before, when she was about 12 or 13 years old, before she was even a Cadet, now she returns having represented England at Cadet, Junior, U21 and now the Senior England representative. What an amazing 6 or 7 years it's been for Aimee, yet still it's back to basics, competing domestically, gaining that valuable mat time.


Being 19 years old now, Aimee was just competing in a single event, the Senior 16+, 3rd Kyu+, Female Kata category. Even though Aimee's event was scheduled for the afternoon, there was a slight delay which meant Aimee had a good few hours to warm up before competing.  Due to the venue being new, some of the Tatami area mats were also new which meant they didn't have that well used feeling making them slightly fresh and slippery, which meant Aimee adjusted her Kata performance to compensate.



In the 1st round Aimee came up against Ashleigh White who performed Annan, Aimee also chose to perform Annan. For her first Kata on the new mats, Aimee heavily compensated speed for stability and won 2 flags to 1.


The next round saw Aimee against Alice Hylton who performed a sharp and impressive Unsu Kata. Aimee chose to perform Suparinpai with the flags going in Aimee's favour 3-0. Aimee remarked Alice looked impressive throughout the day, stepping up into the senior event after already securing gold in her own category.


Now through to the semi final Aimee came up against Emily Fields who also chose to perform Unsu Kata like Alice before her. This time Aimee performed Nipaipo and once, again it was a 3-0 win for Aimee.


The final round saw Aimee against Michaela Webber with Aimee performing Chatanyara Kushanku and her opponent performing Suparinpai. This was a good chance for Aimee to practice one of her favourite Katas on a more slippery surface and face the difficulty of having to restrict her speed element. Aimee tackled the challenge well with her sealing the win with a 3-0 victory to claim gold.



Aimee said it was nice to see so many familiar faces especially from Wales and Sunderland, and great to see the students competing and doing so well and she'd also  like to say thanks for all the support she got.