English National Championships - 29-30th March 2014



Aimee Sell


Aimee Sell


Aimee Sell


Aimee Sell


Aimee Sell becomes Senior Kata Champion


Friday afternoon saw Aimee set off for Sheffield in preparation for the weekends competition, the English Karate Federation's National Championships, England's most prestigious Karate tournament  in the calendar.


Aimee had travelled up to Sheffield with her teammate, Melissa Williamson with the long five hour journey eventually ending at 7:00pm arriving at the Holiday Inn hotel.


Competition Day

For Aimee, she was just competing on Saturday in two events, Female Senior Kata and Mixed Senior Pairs Kata with her teammate, Melissa.


Mixed Pairs Kata

The girls, Aimee and Mel, entered as Ishinryu 'C' team faced a strong lineup from Ashindo-Kai, Navin Patel and Kieran Nunkoo. The Ashindo-Kai pair performed Tomari Bassai with the girls performing Chatanyara Kushanku. The winners were Aimee and Mel with a convincing 4 flags to 1 win.


The next round the girls faced an all female pair from The Martial Arts Center. Aimee and Mel performed Paiku Kata to good effect securing a 5 flags to 0 win over their opponents.


Now in the final the girls faced Ishinryu 'A', the pairing of brothers Steve and Chris Karwacinski. Ishinryu 'A' performed a great Unsu Kata with Ishinryu 'C' performing Annan in response. The girls lost out 5 flags to 0 to worthy opponents to settle for silver medals. Well done.


Female Senior Kata

The Female Senior Kata category was quite large with five rounds for many competitors, but Aimee was one of the few that received a 1st round bye leaving her with only four rounds to complete.


Aimee's opening round saw her face Yanagi-Kai's Kelly Horsfall. Aimee being drawn red performed first, Annan Kata, with Kelly following performing Nipaipo. The three judges went Aimee's way giving her a 3-0 win.


The next round opponent for Aimee was a no-show so straight through to the semi-final.


The semi-final round pitted Aimee against Ashindo-Kai's Katinka Earnst. Katinka drawn red opened the match by performing Paiku Kata, Aimee followed by performing Suparinpai. Once again Aimee secured all three judges votes to win 3 flags to 0 and make the showcase final which was being held at the end of the day along with the Male Kata final and Senior Team Kata finals.


After many hours wait to the end of the day, the finals got underway. The organisers chose to march out all the referees who lined out across the arena followed by the finalist lining up in front of the referees. All received mass applause from the anticipating crowd. On first were the two female Kata finalists, Aimee and Emma Lucraft.


After walking out, bowing, etc, Aimee walked onto the mat first. Aimee had chosen to perform Chatanyara Kushanku and performed it well. Emma followed performing the same Kata, Chatanyara Kushanku. Once completed the judges voted, 3 flags red, 2 blue, with Aimee taking the title, Female English National Senior Kata Champion.


With this win, Aimee has now amassed 11 English National Kata titles, 8 individual and 3 team. Aimee has now become champion in every age group from the 10-11 years through to the Seniors and won her 7th successive national title.



Female Senior Kata Final - Chatanyara Kushanku by Aimee Sell