Swedish Kata Trophy - 22nd March 2014



Aimee Sell - Swedish Kata Trophy


Swedish Kata Trophy Medals Aimee Sell


Swedish Kata Trophy Team Kata


Seminar - Sewdish Kata

Double Gold for Aimee


It was Double Delight for Karate Girl Aimee Sell as she scooped both Senior Female Individual Kata Gold and Senior Female Kata Team Gold with her England Female Kata Team friends Natalie and Melissa.


Aimee , along with Nat and Mel flew off to Stockholm, Sweden on the Thursday well before the competition start. The girls took the opportunity to meet up with some of their Swedish friends and train at the Wakajishi Karate Club Dojo to prepare for their Team Kata event. A good England pre-training exercise.



Saturday saw the start of the Kata competition which drew entries from many different countries. For Aimee's individual category there were five rounds for her to negotiate, for the Female Team, they had two rounds.


Female Senior Team Kata

The girls, Aimee, Nat and Mel had to take on a team from Austria in what effectively was the semi-final for this event. The girls had been practicing hard and wanted to use this competition as a stepping stone in their preparations for the forthcoming Senior European Championships where they will be representing England in this event, so a good showing was top of their agenda.


The girls performed Chatanyara Kushanku against the Austrian team. They chose this tough Kata to put themselves under pressure to test themselves, and they passed the test well as they beat their opponents 5 flags to 0.


Next they moved into the final to face the Swedish Wakajishi team. Team England went first to perform Paiku Kata following with their Bunkai. Wakajishi followed performing Kurumfa and their Bunkai. England won the final 5 flags to 0 but well done to Wakajishi for a great performance too.


Female Senior Kata

Following the team events Aimee was soon in action in the individual category. Aimee performed Annan in her opening round and won 3 flags to 2 after her opponent performance a strong Chatanyara Kushanku.


The 2nd round saw Aimee perform Nipaipo but this time she won 5 flags to 0. In round 3 Aimee performed Suparinpai and once again secured a 5 flags to 0 win.


The 4th round pool final pitted Aimee against teammate Mel. Mel performed Suparinpai with Aimee performing Chatanyara Kushanku. Both excellent performances but Aimee went through 5-0.


The two pool winners eventually met up for the senior female final. Aimee opted to perform Paiku Kata against her opponent from Austria who had knocked out teammate Nat earlier in the other pool. Aimee performed her Kata well and won the event beating her opponent's Kosokan Sho Kata with a 4 flags to 1 victory.


So double gold for Aimee, but more importantly the girls had some great mat time for their team preparations.


Sensei Inoue Course

On the Sunday the girls went to Sensei Inoue's seminar, which was extremely well attended. Not only does Sensei Inoue have great knowledge of Kata, but he is Sensei to the two current World Champions Rika Usami and Antonio Diaz.


The course consisted of two sessions, with each one going into deep technical points with World Champion Antonio Diaz there to help correct people and add his input. It is safe to say Aimee learned a lot from this course, and to be in the presence of such a fantastic karate ka was appreciated.


Aimee has been and will be working on what she learned and take what she can from the course to add to her own Katas. As Inoue says, 'you have to be here to understand'



Diaz Inoue Sell Mottram