WKF Karate1 Premier League - Paris - 10-12th January 2014






Eiffel Tower



Well the first Karate1 Premier League event took place in the famous Pierre de Coubertin Stadium in Paris, France, over the weekend of 10-12th January 2014. The format was a little different this year as the competition was split over three days instead of the usual two. This was to allow the finals to be filmed on the final day, Sunday, as Karate is hugely popular in France.


The championships had 770 competitors from 58 nations this year, still massive for a senior only event.


The Premier League event is massive, it's like an open world championships, except instead of the best competitor from WKF member countries, here you get the top three or four! For that very reason, this could be considered even harder than the European or World Championships, and it was.


Karate girl Aimee Sell travelled down to Paris on Thursday to compete in the Female Senior Kata event being run the following day on Friday in the evening. The successful medal contenders were to return on Sunday for the finals, which unfortunately didn't include Aimee this year.


Aimee travelled on Eurostar to Paris on Thursday and arrived at the HQ hotel the next day to register meeting up with some fellow England squad members who were also competing.



The Competition

A short walk to the stadium in the afternoon ready to compete that evening.


There were 52 competitors in the female Kata category with some top competitors there to compete.


Aimee was drawn in pool 3 out of 4 and without a bye was soon in action as she faced her opening round opponent, Valerie Will from Switzerland. Aimee being red performed her Kata, Nipaipo, first with her opponent who was blue performing her Kata, Goju Shiho Sho next. A good start for Aimee as she won the round 4 flags to 1.


The next round Aimee faced a tough opponent from Mexico, M.Trujillo. This time Aimee's opponent was red and performed her Kata first with Aimee following. Both chose to perform Suparinpai. Unfortunately, the Mexican was the winner securing all flags. She went through to make the pool final but lost out 3-2 to Japan leaving Aimee out of the repechage rounds.


As usual these competitions are tough and provide a great opportunity for Aimee to compete against and watch the best in the world of Karate. So although no medal, Aimee is on the Karate1 ranking list and has come away with some more great experiences for her.