Austrian WKF Karate1 Premier League - 31st November 2013


























Karate Girl, Aimee Sell competed in her final competition of the  year which was the final Karate1 Premier League tournament for the 2013 series, the Austrian K1 which was hosted in Salzburg, Austria. Aimee competed in this tournament last year where she contested the pool final losing out to Hong Kong then. Now she out out to try and go further to gauge her improvement since last year.


There were 59 Female Seniors competing in this category which was split into four pools with Aimee drawn to compete in the third pool. Up first to face Aimee in round 1 was Milana Jaksic from Serbia. Aimee, drawn red performed first, a strong and powerful Annan to overcome her opponent's physical presence. Milana replied with a powerful Goju Shiho Dai. A split decision from the judges but the vote was 3 flags to 2 in Aimee's favour.


The 2nd round saw Aimee face Giorgia Meneguzzo from Italy. Once again red, Aimee performed her Kata first, a sharp Nipaipo. Aimee's Italian opponent performed Suparinpei and another split decision went Aimee's way, 3 flags to 2. This was already showing an improvement for Aimee turning those split 3-2 decisions your way.


In the 3rd round Aimee came up against one of her Swedish friends, Joanna Högström, who had been training with Aimee a few weeks earlier.  Joanna performed a good Chatanyara Kushanku Kata and Aimee replied with a good Paiku Kata. This time all flags went Aimee's way giving her a 5-0 win.

Once again Aimee had made the pool final as she had done last year but where she previously lost out, here she was determined to progress. Aimee was against Croatia’s Vlatka Kiuk in this 4th round match and performed an excellent Chatanyara Kushanku Kata. Vlatka followed with a very good Kanku Sho Kata but Aimee won the match and pool final with a 4 flags to 1 victory. That left Aimee facing the winner of pool 4 in the semi-final match.


After a few hours break whilst some Kumite categories were being played out, Aimee and the other three semi-finalists were called to the mats. Aimee was up against France's Sandy Scordo. After the first semi-final where the Japanese competitor beat her Spanish opposition, Aimee was up next to perform her Kata, Unshu. Sandy followed Aimee and performed a strong Goju Shiho Sho and won the round 5 flags to 0 leaving Aimee in the repechage final.


The repechage final saw Aimee facing Terryana D'Onofrio from Italy. Aimee performed an excellent Suparinpei Kata with Terryana performing Unshu. The decision went 4-1 against Aimee leaving Aimee in 5th place overall for her final competition of 2013 and the highest placed England Kata competitor at this Premier League event. This was in fact the only time Aimee has failed to medal all year in an individual event, and given she's been to a Junior European and World Championships too, was a remarkable effort on her part.