British International Open Championships - 7th September 2013


Aimee & Mel outside the Emirates Arena



Natalie, Mel, Karen Dolphin, Aimee and Ashley White

(Photo courtesy of Marie Dolphin - thanks)



Lilli, Aimee and Dahni

Aimee U21 yrs Kata Champion & Senior Kata Bronze


Karate Girl Aimee Sell travelled to Glasgow to compete at the British International Open Karate Championships being held at the new Emirates Arena. The championships were being held in the large hall, a massive venue that seems to swallow up the eight tatami areas laid out in the arena.


Aimee travelled up to Glasgow the day before by train arriving early evening and checking straight into the hotel a short walk from the station. It was a one-night stay as she was travelling back down to London on Saturday evening after competing in the morning.


Aimee was competing in two categories at this event, the Female U21 yrs and Female Senior Kata categories.

Aimee did extremely well once again medalling in both events claiming gold in the U21 yrs category and bronze in Senior Kata category.


Here's how it went:..


Female U21 yrs Kata

1st round Aimee performed Annan Kata following her opponent's performance of Unsu. Aimee won the round 3 flags to 0 to progress into the next round.


The 2nd round was the semi-final where Aimee performed Suparinpei against her opponent's Bassai Kata. Once again Aimee progressed with a 3 flags to 0 win.


In the 3rd round final Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku with her opponent performing Suparinpei. Now with five judges for this final the decision went Aimee's way with all judges voting for her securing her gold and the U21 yrs champion title.



Female Senior Kata

Aimee moved up into the Senior Kata section which had a larger number of participants making this a four round event. In the 1st round Aimee performed Annan Kata following her opponent's performance of Chatanyara Kushanku. All five judges voted for Aimee giving her a 5-0 win to see her safely though to the next round.


In the 2nd round Aimee chose to perform Nipaipo Kata following her opponent's Kata. Once again Aimee secured a 5 flags to 0 win.


The semi-final saw Aimee face her England teammate Natalie. Both girls decided to perform the same Kata, Suparinpei with Aimee going first and Natalie following. A close split decision this time went against Aimee 3 flags to 2 which saw Natalie progress into the final and left Aimee in the repechage final going for bronze.


Aimee then faced England and Club teammate Melissa in the bronze medal match. Mel performed Suparinpei whilst Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku. Another close 3-2 split decision went Aimee's way this time securing Aimee her 2nd medal of the day, Senior female Bronze.


After collecting their medals, Aimee was free to watch some of the other categories competing before having to head back into Glasgow city center to the train station in order return home. So a short visit to Glasgow but very rewarding medalling in both her categories.





"I'd just like to say congratulations to the students I help teach from Barking Abbey Ishinryu, Dahni & Lilli Maisuria who both won bronze medals and Adam Peters from CHKA who won Silver. You guys are getting better and better all the time and performed brilliantly!!"