Scottish International Karate Open - 27th April 2013


Gold and Silver Medals for Aimee - Scottish Open Champion 2013






Karate Girl Aimee Sell flew up to Edinburgh on Friday 26th April 2013 to take art in the Scottish International Karate Open taking place at the weekend. Arriving at lunchtime to a barrage of hailstones nearly put a halt to the planned afternoon’s sightseeing but fortunately the weather brightened up with the occasional shower trying to put a dampener on things. After checking in at he guesthouse she was soon in the city centre exploring the historic sights that Edinburgh had to offer. Another impromptu shower saw an extended visit to the Elephant House Café, famous for where J.K. Rowling penned the Harry Potter books. It was then up to the castle, the iconic symbol of Edinburgh’s historic past, for a scenic view over the capital. A walk through the town and down to Princess Street and to dinner at one of the many restaurants available rounded off the first day.


Competition day started early at the Meadowbank Sports Centre arriving at 8:30 and preparing for first events of the day. A 30 minute warm-up and ready for action.



Female Junior 16-17yrs Kata

Aimee started well in her opening round of the female junior category performing Nipaipo Kata against her opponent’s Jion Kata. Aimee received all the judges’ votes securing a 5-0 win.


The next round saw Aimee face Scottish Junior no.1 Sonni Wilson, who had competed for Scotland at the European Junior Karate Championships in Aimee’s pool coincidently. Aimee performed Annan Kata whilst Sonni performed Unshu Kata. The judges all voted for Aimee once again giving her another 5-0 win.


The 3rd round semi-final saw Aimee perform Chatanyara Kushanku with her opponent also opting to perform the same Kata. Aimee once more secured a 5-0 win to see her through to the final where she faced club mate Mel.


Both girls, Aimee & Mel matched each other in the final choosing to perform Suparinpei. Both excellent performance but Aimee came out the victor with a 3-2 win to claim GOLD leaving Mel to settle for the SILVER.



Female 16-20yrs Kata

Aimee was soon in action again in the 16-20yrs event. Aimee performed Nipaipo Kata in her 1st round facing her opponent’s Bassai-Dai Kata. Aimee’s performance was once again sharp and dynamic and gained all the judges flags giving her a 5-0 win.


Aimee faced Scotland’s Sonni Wilson once more in the 2nd round and performed Annan, the same Kata as before against her. Sonni’s chose a different Kata, Kanku Sho but it was a similar result as before with Aimee winning the round 5-0.


Aimee stormed through the 3rd round once again securing a 5-0 win beating her opponent’s Annan with her Suparinpei performance to see her safely through to the final where she was to face her teammate Emma.


In the final, both girls performed Chatanyara Kushanku matching each other. Two excellent performances split the judges but the 4 flags to 1 decision went against Aimee leaving her to collect SILVER, her second medal of the day.



Once again Aimee had put in some excellent performances looking strong, fast and dynamic. Pleased with her days work she was back in the warm up room where she and her fellow England Team Kata compatriots, Nat & Mel,  took the opportunity to practice their Team Katas with coach Jonathan Mottram in preparation for the immanent European Senior Karate Championships.


Whilst Aimee’s squad teammates returned home that evening, Aimee stayed one more night, finding a nice Italian restaurant to spend the evening, before travelling home by train the next morning.