KSE6 Invitational - 3rd March 2013





Toni and Aimee with trophies






Double Gold for Aimee


Karate Girls Aimee Sell and her young companion Toni Shering travelled to Gloucester on Sunday 3rd March to compete in the 6th instalment of the KSE Invitational hosted by Brian Jarvis.

Neither student had been to this competition before and didn't know what to expect but were pleased to see packed categories, especially for the younger competitors and many English and British referees in attendance. This was a sure sign of a well run and well established competition.

The girls did extremely well both competing in two categories each and between them they came home with 4 Gold medals.


Toni, who is also a member of Barking Abbey Ishinryu and coached by Aimee competed in the U12yrs and U15yrs categories securing a double gold with some excellent performances. See Barking Abbey Ishinryu website for additional details.


Female 15-17yrs, 3rd Kyu+

Aimee was in action as Toni's U15yrs event was drawing to a conclusion with both mats side by side. Aimee started well opening up with Annan Kata against her opponent's Kosokun Dai but Aimee came out the victor with a 3 flags to 0 win as her Kata performance was stronger and faster. The 2nd round semi-final saw Aimee's opponent perform Unshu whilst Aimee chose to perform Suparinpei. Once again Aimee secured a 3 flags to 0 win as she looked in total control performing a high calibre Kata. In the final Aimee faced another Unshu Kata but this time Aimee opted to perform Nipaipo. Another excellent controlled performance saw Aimee secure gold with a 3 flags to 0 win.


Female 18yrs+

Aimee was back in action in the next category up, the female 18yrs+. Aimee performed Annan against her opponent's Matsumura Bassai Kata but on-form Aimee secured a 5 flags to 0 win convincingly. The 2nd round semi-final saw Aimee face a Paiku Kata with Aimee replying with her Nipaipo Kata performance. Once again a dominant display of speed and power saw Aimee secure all judges flags. The final saw Aimee opt to perform Suparinpei Kata taking on her opponent's Annan Kata performance but once again a dominant display saw Aimee claim the gold securing a 5 judges flags. Aimee had not only performed exceptionally well securing a double gold without dropping a flag but sporting her excellent 'Rebel Kaze' Karate Gi, had looked like a champion too .


Both girls performed really well showcasing the considerable skills and talents they possess between them. They both enjoyed the day and it was a pleasure to see many more varied Shitoryu Kata's on display. Well done to Brian Jarvis on hosting a well run competition.