Austrian WKF Karate1 Premier League - 8-9th December 2012










Karate Girl, Aimee Sell competed in her final Karate1 Premier League tournament of the year which was being hosted in Salzburg, Austria.  Aimee is no stranger to Salzburg having competed in the Austrian Junior Open for the last seven years but always in the summer. With the temperatures below freezing now, this winter outing was a new experience for her. With light snow flurry's the Austrian scenery was typically breathtaking and really set the mood for a white Christmas (yeah, but not in England as usual, just wet and windy).


Having already competed in France, Holland, and Germany in three previous Karate 1 Premier League tournaments, Aimee was keen to once again compete in the world's hardest tournament series and gauge her improvement in this series.



The large participation field in this category was split into four pools with Aimee drawn to compete in the last pool, pool four. Aimee received a bye in the 1st round which meant she only had to complete one compulsory Kata.

Aimee performed this compulsory in the 2nd round where she faced Venezuelan Ana Avila-Feijoo. Aimee performed her Kata, Bassai-Dai, first with her opponent following performing Seienchin. All flags red went Aimee’s way giving her a comfortable 5-0 win.

The 3rd round pitted Aimee against Croatia’s Vlatka Kiuk who recently represented Croatia at the 21st Senior World Championships. This time Aimee was drawn blue and performed her Kata second after Kiuk’s Kanku Sho performance. Aimee performed Annan and a close split decision went Aimee’s way 3-2.

The 4th round was the pool final which saw Aimee face Lok-Man Wu from Hong Kong. Aimee’s opponent drawn red performed her Kata first, a strong and sharp Annan Kata with Aimee following performing Chatanyara Kushanku. Another close 3-2 split decision but this time against Aimee knocking her out at the quarter-final stage just one flag short of the semis. Unfortunately her victorious Hong Kong opponent lost the semi-final round 4-1 after performing Nipaipo against her opponent’s Suparinpei Kata leaving Aimee outside of the repechage rounds.

Once again Aimee had performed extremely well at the Karate1 Premier League event losing out by a single flag once again and to Hong Kong twice in a row now! To lose in the 4th round quarter-finals by one flag in a prestigious event was both pleasing and frustrating for Aimee who thought she was capable of making the final had that flag gone her way. The young 17 year old showed a lot of confidence and self belief having the right attitude and temperament to compete at the highest level which is the making of a future champion.