Triple Gold at British International Karate Open






Karate Girl Aimee Sell was in action recently at the British Karate Federation's British International Open which was held at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, Scotland over the weekend 6-7th October 2012. Sporting her Kaze Rebel Kata Gi she secured three top podium positions in fine fashion.


The British International has gained in popularity since its reintroduction a few years ago and now boasted over 1,200 competitors ranging from 22 nations. This proved the perfect time for Aimee to attend, a high level competitive and challenging tournament.

Travelling to Glasgow was straight forward, train from London Euston to Glasgow Central. The hotel Aimee was staying in was staying at was a couple of minutes walk from the station on Argyle Street so really easy there. Kelvin Hall, venue of the British International was also on Argyle Street but about a 5 minute taxi ride away, still not too far allowing her to arrive in plenty of time for the early start.


Aimee was competing in three categories at these championships, the Female Juniors, Seniors and Team Kata events. First up for Aimee was the Junior category.



Female Junior 16-17yrs Kata

Aimee's 1st round Kata was Bassai-Dai which she performed against her opponent's Seishan Kata. A good performance from Aimee saw her win the round 3 flags to 0.


The second round saw Aimee perform Suparinpei Kata against her opponent's Chatanyara Kushanku. Both good Kata performances but Aimee came out the winner with a 3 flags to 0 decision.


The next round was the semi-final which pitted Aimee against a Danish opponent. Aimee performed Annan Kata with her opponent performing Unshu. Once again both good Kata performances with Aimee gaining the judges votes.


The final saw Aimee face her club-mate Melissa. Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku against Mel's Annan Kata. Now with 5 judges the decision was 3-2 in Aimee's favour securing her 1st gold of the tournament.



Female Senior 16yrs+ Kata

The senior Kata category had more competitors registered making this a 5 round category. 1st round Aimee performed Seienchin against her opponent's Jion Kata with Aimee taking the win 5 flags to 0.


Round 2 saw Aimee face a Polish opponent who performed Jion Kata with Aimee performing Bassai-Dai. Once again a strong performance saw Aimee win the round 5-0.


The 3rd round quarter-final saw Aimee perform Annan Kata against her opponent's Seipai Kata but Aimee secured another 5-0 win.


The 4th round semi-final saw Aimee face her England Team Kata partner, Natalie. Both girls performed good Katas. Nat performing Chatanyara Kushanku with Aimee performing Suparinpei, however it was Aimee that went through with a 5-0 win.


The final proved tough as Aimee faced the formidable Scottish number one, Stephanie Connell. Aimee performed a strong Chatanyara Kushanku whilst Stephanie performed an excellent Annan Kata. The close split decision went Aimee's way 3-2 on this occasion but either could easily have won.



Female Senior Team Kata

Having secured her second gold of the tournament, Aimee was on course for gold number three as she entered the Female Team Kata event with the two colleagues, Melissa and Natalie. There were only three teams entered in this category and the girls representing England in this event received a bye to go straight through to the final where they were to face the team from Poland having won through their semi-final encounter with team Scotland.


The girls performed Nipaipo Kata and followed this with their Bunkai demonstration of the Kata followed by the Polish team's performance of Gojushiho Kata and Bunkai. The girls won 5 flags to 0 securing the British International title in their preparation for the Senior World Championships.



It proved a good tournament for Aimee, some tough rounds to battle through and to come out victorious shows great determination and effort. Well done to the BKF for the organisation and well done to everyone who competed.


British International Annan Kata


British International Suparinpei Kata


British International Chatanyara Kushanku Kata