German WKF Karate1 Premier League - 22-23rd September 2012
















Karate Girl, Aimee Sell competed in her 3rd Karate1 Premier League tournament being hosted in Hanau, near Frankfurt in Germany.  Having already competed in France and Holland in two previous Karate 1 Premier League tournaments, Aimee was keen to once again compete in the world's hardest tournament series.


So on Friday 21st September, Aimee set of to Frankfurt, Germany, in readiness for the next day’s Karate1 Premier League competition. Aimee stayed in the HQ hotel, Acardia Hotel pictured opposite. The hotel was OK, basic, there was an area for breakfast but no restaurant facilities. That meant having to go out and find some restaurants in the town. The town itself wasn't massive but there were plenty of places to eat.


This was Aimee's first time competing in Germany so all new experiences for her with nothing to loose and everything to gain. Each Karate1 Premier League event is a massive tournament and the German Karate1 tournament was no exception as it drew in a global world class field.

Competing in the Female Senior Kata event Aimee found herself in a field of 74 competitors, an absolutely massive field. The category was split into four pools with Aimee competing in pool 4 on tatami 6.


Aimee received a 1st round bye but was soon in action in the 2nd round where she faced a German opponent. Aimee, red, performed Annan Kata first followed by her opponent's Kanku-Dai Kata. An excellent performance by Aimee saw her progress into the next round after securing a 4 flags to 1 win over her opponent.


Into the third round now and Aimee faced an opponent from Hong Kong. Her opponent looked on form having won her two previous round 5 flags to 0 so this was going to be a really strong test for her. Aimee's opponent performed one of Shito-Ryu's highest Katas, Suparinpei recognising Aimee as one of the stronger competitors in the group. Aimee followed by performing Chatanyara Kushanku. It was close, very close, but the 3-2 split decision went to Aimee's Hong Kong opponent. Really unlucky, really close but unfortunately no progression for Aimee.


The competitor from Hong Kong went on to make the pool final before losing out to Dominican Republic so she was at a eally good standard which gave Aimee the opportunity to gauge her progress and ability in this top-class tournament.


As mentioned previously, the Karate 1 Premier League tournaments are the hardest by far, bringing together the best Karate athletes from around the globe. It provides an opportunity to compete against the worlds best Karate-Ka, an opportunity you don't normally get. You have to be confident when competing against the worlds best and so to be confident and go through even a couple rounds is a major achievement. One thing she has learnt is that if you want to be the best, then this is the stage to perform on.


Whilst Aimee was the only one from her club to attend, she wasn’t the only representative from England to make the trip. There were mixed results for the other England National squad members and English athletes but. congratulations to Natalie Williams once again on winning another WKF Karate1 bronze medal.

Watch the Female Kata final between KAJIKAWA vs. NGUYEN

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