2012 Games Celebration Karate Championships - 28th July 2012


Rikke and Aimee with Trophies and Medals


Rikke with Wayne Otto OBE


Gold and Bronze Medals


Karate Girl, Aimee Sell, competed in the 2012 Celebration Games Karate Championships on Saturday 28th July 2012 which was being held in Ponds Forge, Sheffield. Travelling up lunchtime on Friday allowed plenty of time to arrive and have dinner before watching the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony with her friend Rikke Linck from Denmark, on television in their room. A late night but what a spectacular show.



Female 16-20yrs, 3rd Kyu & over Kata

Saturday saw both Aimee and Rikke compete in the Female 16-20yrs, 3rd Kyu & over Kata category. Following a 1st round bye Aimee was soon into action facing club-mate Melissa. Aimee went straight into Suparinpei Kata against Mel who performed Annan. The judges voted 4 flags to 1 in favour of Mel leaving Aimee in the repechage final.


Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku Kata in the bronze medal match against her opponent's Suparinpei Kata and this time the judges voted 4 flags to 1 in Aimee's favour securing her Bronze.


Rikke also performed well securing herself a bronze medal and they both ended up on the same step of the podium next to each other. Fate?



Female 21yrs+, 3rd Kyu & over Kata

Rikke went on to compete in the Female 21yrs+, 3rd Kyu & over Kata category and did Denmark proud as she secured an excellent Gold. Well done.



Mixed 16yrs+ Team Pairs Kata

Aimee then competed in the Mixed 16yrs+ Team Pairs Kata event teaming up with Melissa for form a formidable team. They received a 1st round bye which put them straight into the Kata final facing Ashindo-Kai’s Navin and Kieran who are both England representatives with Kirran a European bronze medallist.


Both pairs performed Chatanyara Kushanku against each other but it was Aimee and Mel that secured victory and Gold with an excellent 3-2 win. On paper this was a hard event to win but Aimee and Mel had put in the ground work in training to make the difference with their well polished performance.


Aimee came away with a Gold and Bronze as did Rikke. :-)