British 4 Nations Championships - 3rd June 2012


Aimee Sell - 6 times British Champion, Junior British Champion 2012






This years British 4 Nations Championships were a change from the norm. The championships were moved from Sheffield to a new venue in Kelvin Hall based in Glasgow, Scotland. In a bold move the championships were also changed from a two day event to a one day event with 8 mats in use to accommodate all the categories.


Aimee travelled to Glasgow the day before the championships, leaving by train from London Kings Cross station (wasn't from platform 9 3/4) and after a change at Edinburgh arriving in Glasgow approx 5.5 hours later. An easy, relaxing, stress free journey, ideal preparation for these championships.


Still aged 16 years of age (not 17 until she she competes in Austria  in a couple of weeks on her birthday)  Aimee was able to compete in two categories, her own 16-17 years Junior Kata category and the 16+ years Senior Kata category.


Female Senior Kata

The Senior Kata event was one of the first events of the day starting at 8:40, an early start and straight into action. It wasn't going to be Aimee's day in this event as she lost out to Wales's Alice Hooper in the quarter-final. Aimee received a 1st round bye to go straight through to the 2nd round.


Aimee then faced Scotland's Sarah McMillan in round 2 who performed Chinto Kata against Aimee's Bassai-Dai Kata. The judges voted 3-0 in Aimee's favour.


The quarter-final then saw Aimee Face Wales's senior number 1, Alice Hooper. Alice performed Unshu Kata with Aimee performing Annan Kata. The judges went against Aimee 3-0, why...? we don't know but sometimes you just have to accept things as they are. Alice lost out in the next round and also in the repechage final meaning neither Aimee nor Alice medalled.


Female Junior Kata

What's the best thing to do when you get knocked down...? get straight back up again, and that's just what Aimee did in the Junior Kata event. Aimee received a 1st round bye which put her straight into the quarter-final rounds.


Obstinate Aimee, just to prove a point, got up and performed Annan once again, on the same mat, in front of the same judges who had voted against her earlier. Aimee faced Scotland's Katie Reid (winner of the Scottish International tournament) who performed Gojushiho Kata against Aimee. This time, one judge still voted against Aimee but she went through 2-1.


The semi-final saw Aimee face Kelly Horsfall representing Yanagi Kai from England. Kelly performed Suparinpei Kata with Aimee performing Chatanyara Kushanku Kata. This time all three judges voted for Aimee. Kelly went on to gain a bronze in repechage so well done to her.


The final pitted Aimee against Kelly's teammate, Natalie Payne, also from Yanagi Kai in a repeat of the English National finals. Like then, both girls performed Suparinpei Kata with Natalie following Aimee's performance. In England Aimee won 5-0 but here Aimee only won 2-1. 


A convincing performance without the convincing score-line but she still came away with another win to retain her British Junior title to add to her English National Junior title, and with KAZE's support this made it her 6th British title! A fantastic record.


Aimee Sell, Karate Girl, British Champion.



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