EKF English National Championships - 21st-22nd April 2012


2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal for Aimee, Junior National Champion 2012


Aimee - Junior English National Champion



Aimee performing Annan Kata






The annual EKF English National Karate Championships were held on the weekend 21st-22nd April 2012 in it's usual home of Ponds Forge in Sheffield. Aimee formed part of her Association Squad, Ishinryu, who dominated the 1st day Kata events at these championships.


Female Junior 16-17yrs Kata

Although this was Aimee's first foray into the junior category at the English national championships being 16 years old, Aimee was on top form securing her 6th individual English National Championship title.


Aimee performed Bassai-Dai in her opening round beating her opponent's own Bassai-Dai with a 5 flags to 0 victory. The 2nd round saw a 'no-show' against Aimee which saw her automatically receive the win. In the semi-final round Aimee opted to perform Annan Kata against her opponent's Suparinpei Kata. Aimee's performance simply outclassed her opponent's as she secured a 4-1 win. The final saw Aimee perform Suparinpei to match her opponent. Aimee's performance was once again excellent as she received all flags from the judges securing a 5-0 win and the national title.


Aimee - Junior Kata English National Champion



Female Senior 16yrs+ Kata

Being 16 years old, Aimee was eligible to compete in the senior Kata event too which she did to good effect.


Aimee was the only one to have 5 rounds but remained unfazed as her opening round Kata of Bassai-Dai secured her a 5-0 win beating her opponent's own Bassai-Dai Kata. Aimee performed Seienchin Kata in the 2nd round to match her opponent's Seienchin Kata but Aimee's was judged superior and she secured another 5-0 win. The 3rd round saw Aimee perform Annan Kata and another excellent performance secured her a 5-0 win over her opponent's Gojushiho Kata. The semi-final saw Aimee face another Gojushiho Kata with Aimee opting to perform Chatanyara Kushanku. Once again an excellent display saw her win 5-0 to make the final against team-mate Emma.


The final saw Aimee perform Suparinpei with Emma performing Chatanyara Kushanku. Both performed their Kata's brilliantly but Emma came out on top with a 5-0 win securing the senior national title with Aimee claiming the silver, a massive achievement in her first English National Championships in the senior category.


Aimee - Senior Kata English National Runner-Up.



Female Senior 16yrs+ Team Kata

The team Kata events have always been considered one of the hardest of all to win and most difficult to practice. Not only is timing and precision required but, a working knowledge of the Kata principles and actions have to be demonstrated via the Bunkai in the Kata finals too.


Aimee's association, Ishinryu, had one Junior team featuring Aimee and her two club-mates, Kira & Melissa. However, they were to be the only female junior team to be entered into these championships. By coincidence, there was only one senior female team entered also, so the Ishinryu girls agreed to step up to the mark and take on the senior female team in the senior category forsaking the junior category.


The Ishinryu girls performed Unshu Kata followed by their version of the Bunkai demonstrating the purpose of the Kata moves. Their opposition performed Annan Kata and their own rendition of it's Bunkai. The Ishinryu team performance, despite their young ages (14, 15 & 16yrs old) outclassed their senior opponents winning 4 flags to 1 to claim the team crown and another gold for Ishinryu and Aimee's 2nd 2012 national title and her 3rd medal of the championships.

Aimee - Senior Team Kata English National Champion