Double Gold at Funakoshi Cup, Poland - 31st March 2012


Aimee on podium top spot for Senior Kata event


Aimee celebrating her double gold win


Aimee top-center with fellow English competitors



Karate Girl, Aimee Sell successfully made it through 'Mad March'. It started with the WKF Dutch Karate1 Premier League tournament which was held in Dordrecht, Holland, then followed the announcements and publicity surrounding the London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer role after she was named lead Havering Torchbearer. The Swedish Karate Open held in Malmo followed the next weekend and now finally 'Mad March' culminated in the Funakoshi Cup which was held in Wroclaw, Poland.


With barely enough time to unpack after returning from the Swedish Karate Open, it was all systems go to prepare for the Funakoshi Cup the following weekend as this trip involved the competition on the Saturday, followed by a training seminar on the Sunday before returning home on Monday.


A very early start on Friday saw Aimee meet up with some fellow English competitors, a mixture of junior and senior fighters and former England National Coach, Wayne Otto OBE. They departed from Luton Airport and arrived in Wroclaw after a 1.5 hour flight.


The group met up just after lunch and were taken on a tour of the old town by their Polish friends and tour guides for the day. The tour took them to the local cathedral and many of the 100 odd bridges throughout the town. The tour passed over an old graveyard, now just part of the road, many statues and fountains and also a small alley with animal statues to commemorate where the old market was and where animals were slaughtered in the 17th century.


Female Junior Kata

With only three rounds to negotiate Aimee performed Bassai-Dai as her opening round Kata in the female junior Kata event facing her opponent's Jion Kata. Aimee's Kata caught the judges eye as she received all flags to record a 5-0 win.


The semi-final round saw Aimee up against a Shotokan Bassai Kata. Aimee performed Annan and a superb display saw her record another 5-0 win.


The final was held immediately after the 2nd semi-final which saw fellow English girl, Jasmine Pomeroy come through to face Aimee in the final. Aimee performed a strong Chatanyara Kushanku Kata against her opponent's Enpi Kata which all judges voted for recording her another 5-0 and Gold in the junior event.


Female Senior Kata

Aimee then stepped up a category to compete in the senior Kata event following her junior victory. Aimee performed Bassai-Dai and once again face a Jion Kata in her opening round match. Aimee's Kata once again proved too strong as she took a 5 flags to 0 win.


The 2nd round saw Aimee perform Annan Kata against another Jion Kata from her next opponent. It was the same story though as Aimee scored a 5-0 win to progress.


In the semi-final round Aimee faced a Gojushiho Kata and performed an excellent Unshu Kata to gain another 5-0 win over her opponent to make the final.


The senior finals were being held in the evening as showcase finals with the Kata finals on first. In front of a hushed audience, Aimee performed a strong Chatanyara Kushanku Kata against her opponent's Gojushiho Kata and as in previous rounds Aimee scored a 5-0 win collecting her 2nd Gold of the tournament, a senior trophy, in perfect fashion scoring 5-0 wins throughout.  A truly impressive performance from Aimee.


Would like to thank our Polish hosts who, in conjunction with Wayne Otto OBE, arranged and took care of the accommodation and food. It was greatly appreciated by all the group that attended.



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