London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer

'Aimee’s moment to shine' Confirmed



On Monday 19th March 2012, at 7:30am, London Organising Committee of the London 2012 Olympic Games let the world know about the Torchbearers with website updates, TV and national press releases. After undergoing the necessary background and security checks, Aimee’s place was confirmed, and Aimee is now officially a 2012 Olympic Torchbearer. Aimee was also singled out as someone who had an inspirational story to tell and has been called to give various press statements.


Link below Aimee mentioned in London Evening Standard.


Aimee featured in Romford Recorder

The Olympic flame arrives in the UK on 18 May and begins its 70-day journey at Land's End on the morning of 19 May. The Olympic flame will be travelling through Havering on 22nd July being carried through the streets from approximately 1pm. The full Torchbearer route through Havering is set out below. Aimee's specific allocation for her Torchbearing duties where she has to carry the Olympic Flame for her 300m leg of the relay will be announced to her in June, approximately a month before the flame arrives in Havering.


The day before the Olympic Flame comes to Havering, it goes through Waltham Forest where Aimee’s friend and fellow Karate England Squad member, Jamaal Otto, son of 9 times World Karate champion, Wayne Otto OBE, was also confirmed as an Olympic Torchbearer. Both Aimee and Jamaal each won European Silver medals at their last WKF European Junior Karate Championships in Serbia in 2011 and are pictured together with their medals.


Havering's Olympic Torch Relay Route

London Road A1118
High Street
Market Place - U-turn
Laurie Walk - Left Turn
South Street - Left Turn
Rom Valley Way A125 - Left Turn
Roneo Corner A125
Hornchurch Road A124
High Street A124 - Left Turn
Billet Lane - Right Turn
Billet Lane at Queen Theatre grassed area
Green space in front of Queen's Theatre - Right Turn
North Street - Left Turn
High Street - Right Turn
Station Lane
Suttons Lane
Airfield Way - Left Turn
South End Road - Left Turn
Rainham Road A125
Bridge Road B1335 - Left Turn
Viking Way - entry road to Tesco's
Viking Way - Right Turn
Upminster Road South - Left Turn
The Broadway B1335


London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer

'Aimee’s moment to shine'


Aimee Sell has received a conditional offer as one of the 8000 Olympic torchbearers through the Olympic organisers, Locog.

The nomination programmes focused on recognising and rewarding people with a story of personal achievement and or contribution to the local community. Aimee’s inspirational story impressed the panel securing her nomination as a great example of what a torchbearer should be.

Aimee has had to follow a number of steps including accepting the date she has been allocated, providing required documentation and confirming her uniform size. Once background checks are carried out the final confirmation of becoming a torchbearer will be sent out by Locog by March.

Much closer to the time, details of the exact 300m stretch of the torch relay route that Aimee and the rest of the torchbearers will run will be provided. Final confirmation of places will include the name of the town, village, city, or London Borough through which the torchbearer will carry the Olympic Flame although Aimee has been provisionally allocated a slot on Sunday 22 July 2012 within the London Borough of Havering, the day the torch travels between Redbridge and Bexley.
About 110 people per day will carry the torch with the 1,019 places it will visit en route already set out last November.

The Olympic Flame is lit in Olympia, Greece, and it is due to arrive in the UK on 18 May 2012 for the traditional curtain-raiser to the Games. The relay begins at Land's End and after travelling around the nations and regions of the UK, ends at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in time for the opening ceremony of the Games on 27 July 2012.


About the Torch

It's golden and it's perforated. In fact there are 8,000 small, laser-cut holes in two aluminium skins that are bent around and welded together to form a tapering cone. Each represents one of the runners who will carry the flame around the UK for 70 days from mid-May next year, on a relay that will take in about 8,000 miles.

It is triangular in shape, the top is 10cm across at its apex, shrinking down to 4.5cm at the base. A three-sided torch for London's third Games.

Its shape is also inspired by the three-word Olympic motto set out by the founder of the modern Olympics Pierre de Coubertin - Citius, Altius, Fortius, Latin for 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'. And it ties in with the trio of wind, fluctuating temperatures and rain which the flame itself will have to brave to stay alight on its journey.



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