Finnish Open Cup - 3-4 September 2011


Podium of Senior Female Kata



Aimee and her Luxembourg friends


Karate girl Aimee Sell travelled to Tampere in Finland on Friday 2nd September 2011 to participate in the Finnish Open Cup Karate tournament which was being held over the weekend 3-4th.

The Finnish Open Cup is one of the premier Nordic Karate tournaments and in its 37th year it the oldest tournament in the region. Tampere has previously played host to the WKF World Championships, is scheduled to host the European Championships in 2014 and has hosted many Nordic competitions. As you would expect, the Finnish Karate Federation proved to be excellent hosts and ran a well organised tournament, from the organised airport/hotel transfers to the free transfers from the official hotel to the venue and back. Really well organised.

Aimee competed in the Senior Female Kata event on the Saturday and faced a Swedish opponent in her opening round. Aimee performed Bassai-Dai Kata and beat her opponent's Jion Kata 5 flags to 0. The 2nd round saw Aimee face a Finnish opponent. Aimee performed Annan Kata with her opponent also opting to perform the same Kata. It was Aimee that came through with another 5-0 win. The semi-final pitted Aimee against another Finnish opponent with Aimee performing Unshu and her opponent performing Unsu. Aimee once again won the match 5-0. The finals were held at the end of the day, following the opening ceremony, in a showcase final. Aimee's opponent, Illaria Melmer from Luxembourg, performed an excellent well controlled Gankaku Kata with Aimee opting to perform Chatanyara Kushanku. It was a close call and could have gone any way but Aimee came out victor with a 4 flags to 1 win to claim the senior title.

The next day saw Aimee compete in the Junior Kata event. With a 1st round bye Aimee was straight into round 2 where she performed Annan against her Danish opponents Seienchin Kata. Aimee won the round 5-0. The semi-final was the battle of the Chatanyara Kushanku's as both Aimee and her Swedish opponent, current Junior European Bronze medallist Mia Karlsson, opted for the same Kata. Aimee won the contest 4-1. The final saw another Kata match-up, this time Aimee and her Danish opponent, Rikke Linck, both performing Unshu. Once again Aimee won the match 4-1 to claim the junior title and her 2nd gold of the tournament.

Aimee said "It was a great tournament and great to catch up with some of my friends who I haven't seen for a while and also meet a few new people. There were a few that I've competed against on the circuit but I got the chance to really become friends with them here. They were all very helpful and are special people. Karate is like one big family".