BKF Four Nations British Championships - 25-26th June 2011


Aimee in action



Aimee receiving medal



Aimee (center) in senior Kata medal presentation








ANOTHER stunning performance from Aimee's Karate Association, Ishinryu saw them take seven gold, two silver and six bronze medals at the British Championships.

Ishinryu once again showed its dominance in Kata on the first day of the tournament at Ponds Forge in Sheffield. Even though there was a depleted squad the team showed strength in depth demonstrating that Barking Abbey Ishinryu has the best Kata squad in Britain. With 9 Kata events entered, the squad won seven of the events! Simply stunning. Is Jonathan Mottram the best Kata coach in England?

The girls completely dominated winning the 10-13yrs, 14-15yrs, 16-17yrs, and 16yrs+ senior events with the boys winning the 14-15yrs and 16yrs+ senior events plus the only Kata team entered won their event too!


Eventhough Aimee had turned 16 years old a week earlier, she competed in two events, and Aimee played her part by securing gold in the female 16-17yrs Junior Kata event and then securing a bronze in the female senior Kata category. An excellent result.


Female Junior 16-17yrs Kata

Aimee Sell competed with her teammate Katinka Ernst in the Junior Kata event with both girls doing well. Annan was their chosen Kata to perform in their respective opening rounds and both girls shone as they both secured 5-0 wins to see them into the semi-final rounds. Katinka performed Seipai in her semi but lost out 5-0 to her opponent's Matsumura Bassai Kata. Aimee performed Unshu Kata against her opponent's Jion and won her semi-final 5-0.


Katinka made the repechage final and performed Bassai-Dai against her opponent's Bassai. Katinka won the round 5-0 in convincing style to win herself a British Bronze. In the main final Aimee and her opponent both performed Chatanyara Kushanku Kata. Aimee's superior performance saw her win 5-0 retaining her British title and herself her 5th British Gold!

Female Senior 16yrs+ Kata

Aimee was joined by Katinka, Emma Lucraft and Cornelia Nae in the Senior Female Kata event. The 1st round saw Aimee perform Bassai-Dai beating her opponent 5-0. Katinka also performed Bassai-Dai and won her round 3 flags to 2. Like her teammates, Emma also chose to perform Bassai-Dai and a 5-0 win saw her safely through. Jion from Cornelia saw her win 5-0 and all into the 2nd round.

Round two saw Aimee perform Annan Kata and another superior performance over her opponent saw her win 5-0. Katinka faced Emma in this round with Katinka performing Seienchin and Emma performing Annan and Emma won the match 5-0. Cornelia performed Gojo Shiho but lost out 5-0. Cornelia did make repechage but lost in the repechage final following her 5-0 defeat for her Gankaku Kata.

The third round saw Aimee face Emma in this semi-final encounter. Both performed Chatanyara Kushanku with Emma coming out on top with a 4-1 victory over her teammate.

Repechage saw Katinka and Aimee battle it out for bronze after Katinka saw off her earlier repechage round opponent with an excellent Annan performance winning 4-1. Aimee performed Unshu with Katinka performing Gojushiho in the repechage final. Aimee was the one that secured the medal in this tough encounter.

In the main final Emma performed Unshu Kata and beat her Welsh opponent 5-0 to become British Champion and like Aimee hold both English and British titles together.