Austrian Junior Open - 18-19th June 2011


Aimee on podium receiving winners trophy


Aimee (far right) with Ishinryu teammates

Aimee travelled to Austria with seven fellow Ishinryu students from Barking Abbey Ishinryu to take part in the Austrian Junior Karate Championships being held in the beautiful city of Salzburg. Nearly 1100 athletes from all over Europe made this the largest Junior Championships to date.

Most of the Barking Abbey Ishinryu squad registered Friday evening in readiness for the next days competition which was for the 14yrs to -21yrs individual and team events.


Female U18yrs Kata

The Female U18yrs Kata category saw Aimee Sell in action. This was to be Aimee's first official event as a Junior having turned 16 years old just two days earlier. Aimee started well facing Evers from Holland in the 1st round. Evers performed Kanku-Dai with Aimee performing Bassai-Dai and winning 5 flags to 0.


The 2nd round saw Aimee facing Austrian Koorbekian who performed Empi Kata against Aimee's Nipaipo Kata. Aimee won the round with another 5-0 win.


The 3rd round Aimee faced Mayerhofer from Austria. Mayerhofer chose to perform Seienchin with Aimee performing Annan and Aimee claimed another 5-0 win.


The 4th round was the semi-final (pool final) and Aimee faced Valerie Will from Switzerland. Will is an excellent competitor, one of Switzerland's best and represented Switzerland at the European Junior Championship. Will performed Unsu Kata whilst Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku and it was Chatanyara that won the round 5-0 for Aimee seeing her safely into the final.


The final was held on Aimee's mat against the other pool finalist, Ena Otkovic from Croatia. Otkovic performed Unsu with Aimee opting to perform Unshu. Aimee did drop her first flag but won the match 4-1 to gain her 5th consecutive Austrian title.