1st International Rumi Children's Games - 20-23rd April 2011


Aimee on podium top spot




Aimee (3rd from right) with England squad members



















Aimee Sell and Ishinryu teammate, Chris Karwacinski, both members of the English Karate Federation Cadet 'A' squad were selected by National Coach Wayne Otto OBE to compete in the 1st International Rumi Children's Sport Tournament in Konya, Turkey which was held on the 20-23rd April 2011. They formed part of a nine-man squad with both Aimee and Chris selected for the Kata categories.

Within the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, the 1st International Rumi Children’s Sports Games was organized by the Konya Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports of Turkey. The Directorate in conjunction with the Turkish Karate Federation had arranged to cover the costs of accommodation and travel for the competitors at this tournament.

There were a number of sports being represented at these games including Athletics, Cycling, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Karate, Chess and Taekwondo. The EKF Cadet squad will be the Karate representatives from England for the Karate discipline.

Opening Ceremony

Wednesday the squad were taken to the venue for the opening ceremony for the International Rumi Children's Games. All of the competing squads were paraded in the packed stadium greeted by applause from the eager crowd. There were a few speeches from the Directorate of Sport followed by music, a Gymnastics display and children in national dress performing a traditional Turkish dance. With all the other sports taking part in the opening ceremony it resembled a mini Olympics.

Once the ceremony had completed, the squad headed back to the hotel to find lunch had been prepared for everyone. The evening saw the squad go to the sports stadium being used for the Karate tournament for some light training before returning for their evening meal.


Wednesday saw the first day of competition for Karate with the Female Karate athletes in action.

The tournament started off with the Kata event. Representing England was Aimee Sell.


Aimee only had to perform in three rounds and she started well winning her opening round as her Annan Kata beat her Greek opponents Gojushiho 4 flags to 1.


The semi-final saw Aimee win with a 4-1 victory as her Chatanyara Kushanku Kata beat her Spanish rivals Annan Kata.


The finals for the Kata were held later during the day with Aimee facing her second Greek opponent. Aimee performed Unshu and yet another 4-1 win saw her beat her opponent's Suparinpei Kata to claim Gold for the squad.

Closing Ceremony

On Saturday morning the squad went to yet another stadium where an Olympic style opening ceremony was held. The athletes waited in the center of the stadium while each delegation received a commemorative plaque. The athletes and delegations were then paraded around the stadium following flag bearers. There was a big cheer when England walked around and an announcement was made that our National Coach, Wayne Otto OBE was in attendance at the games which demonstrated the high regard he his held in other countries.

The teams were then escorted to their seats to watch the children in traditional costumes dance to traditional music and watch some children's sporting displays.

All the athletes and teams from all of the participating sports were then taken to the Governor of Konya's house for a BBQ and garden party. There they met the Governor himself and other dignitaries. Entertainment and dancing followed before eventually heading back to the hotel to recuperate. What a day to remember.

Both Aimee and Chris had a brilliant time being treated exceptionally well by their Turkish hosts. Both performed well collecting a gold and silver between them justifying the belief shown in them by National Coach Wayne Otto OBE. One of the best tournaments they've ever attended.

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