Swiss International Open - 28 February 2011


Welcome to Zurich @ the airport



Podium of Cadet Female Kata



Aimee and her team mate Kate






Last year Aimee attended the Swiss International Open Karate Championships with her club mate  Emma Lucraft and they both came away with a gold medal each. This year, Aimee was accompanied by six other team mates from Barking Abbey Ishinryu Karate Club.


The Swiss Open proved last year to be a good and popular competition, a little quirky in places which is good to keep the athletes on their toes, but an ideal opportunity for the students to pit themselves against some quality international opposition in order to gauge their abilities.


Following on from the recent Junior European Championships which were held in Serbia two weeks earrlier, this also proved an ideal opportunity for Aimee and the Ishinryu England squad members to 'get back on the horse' so to speak and an opportunity for some of the younger Ishinryu members to experience competition abroad.


The Swiss Open was automatically capped at 1000 entries which was filled well before the entry closing date and with such high numbers competing the tournament was split over two days. The Cadets through to Senior were competing on day one with the younger competitors competing on the second day.


Female Cadet 14-15yrs Kata

Aimee competed in the Female Cadet 14-15yrs Kata event and after receiving a 1st round bye she started well winning her opening 2nd round 3-0 with her Bassai-Dai Kata.


Aimee's 3rd round Kata of Nipaipo proved just as effective as she secured another 3-0 win.


Tactics play a big part in Kata events and Aimee chose to perform Chatanyara Kushanku in the 4th round to see her safely into the pool final with a 3-0 win.


The 5th round pool final saw Aimee perform a strong Annan Kata and a convincing 5-0 win saw her ease into the final.


Competing against the Danish number one Cadet, Aimee performed Suparinpei Kata and a 3-2 decision saw Aimee, the current Junior European Cadet Kata Silver medallist, retain her Swiss Open title that she won last year.


Female Senior 18yrs+ Kata

Aimee then stepped up to compete in the Female Senior 18yrs+ Kata event, competing more for the experience rather than for the trophy.


After her 1st round bye, 15 year old Aimee pleasantly surprised as she won her opening round 3-0 with her Bassai-Dai Kata.


Aimee then went on to win 3-0 with her Annan Kata too in the next round.


You can always bet on Aimee gambling for gold rather than guarantee a bronze and Aimee's 4th round 'role of the dice' Kata of Nipaipo narrowly won a 3-2 decision.


That saw Aimee in the pool final where her Chatanyara Kushanku Kata's 5-0 win amazingly put her into the Senior final.


Aimee stepped up to the mark in the final and although young she has an old head on her shoulders which saw her perform her Suparinpei Kata well enough to secure a remarkable Gold winning 3-2. Aimee Cadet and Senior Swiss Open Kata champion!