38th Junior European Championships - 11-13 February 2011


Aimee performing individual Kata


Center stage in championship final


Aimee on podium in medal ceremony


Aimee, Rebecca and Kate in Team Kata

After the England National selections, Aimee was selected to represent England in the Junior European Karate Championships which were being held  in Novi Sad, Serbia, These championships are the most prestigious championships outside of the World Karate Championships. This competition is elite, only one competitor from each country can be entered into a category.


Suffice to say the competition for selection can be a fierce as these championships so it was a great honour for Aimee to be selected for both the individual Female Cadet  Kata and the Junior Team Kata events.



Female Cadet 14-15yrs Kata

Aimee Sell European silver medal.

Aimee performed Seienchin in the 1st round beating her Ukrainian opponent's Seienchin 4-1.


The 2nd saw saw Aimee against a Swiss opponent who performed Jion against Aimee's Bassai-Dai but Aimee won the round 5-0 with a convincing performance.


The 3rd round looked the hardest as Aimee faced the host's Serbian opponent who was pretty good. She performed Kanku-Sho whilst Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku and narrowly won the round 3-2. In the 4th round semi-final, Aimee performed Annan against her Hungarian opponents' Suparinpei Kata.


An excellent Kata and a 5-0 win saw Aimee into the final.


Both Aimee and her Spanish opponent performed Suparinpei Katas but the decision went to the Spaniard 4 flags to 1 leaving Aimee to settle for silver which is a magnificent achievement.


In winning her medal, Aimee became only the second ever English female and the first in over 25 years to reach a European Championship Kata final and also the first English female junior to win two consecutive European Kata medals, silver and bronze from last year.



Female Junior Team Kata

England was being represented in Team Kata by Aimee, Kate and Rebecca. Last years team, which included Aimee, won bronze in Izmir, Turkey, so there were high hopes for the girls this year too.


Facing Turkey in their opening round they lost out 3-2 after both teams performed Bassai-Dai .That was it, no explanations they just didn't get the vote. The Turkish team somehow made the pool final where they lost to Germany but went on themselves to gain a bronze. You have to roll with the decisions even if they seem rather bizarre.