Gold at 3rd South Yorkshire Open Championships - 1st August 2010



Aimee Sell travelled to the Hillsborough Leisure Centre in Sheffield on Sunday 1st August 2010 to take part in the 3rd South Yorkshire Open Karate Championships which was being hosted by Shindo Kai's Philip Moody. The main Ishinryu squad were attending a training camp in Slovakia at that time so Aimee was the lone representative for Ishinryu at this competition


The competition itself was heavily dominated with Wado participants which was nice to see as Kata can be over dominated by Shotokan and Shitoryu participants and Aimee chose this opportunity to perform some of her less frequented tournament Katas.


Aimee was competing in the Mixed 13-15 years Kata event which meant there were enough competitors for Aimee to perform 5 rounds of Kata, however, Aimee did receive a 1st round bye which meant Aimee started off the competition in the 2nd round much to Aimee's disappointment.


Aimee got off to a good start in the 2nd round performing Paiku Kata and winning the match 3 flags to 0. The next round saw Aimee perform Unshu Kata and once again she secured a 3-0 win. In the the 4th round semi-final Aimee decided not to play safe and perform one of her trusted high-ranking Katas, instead she opted to perform Matsumura-Bassai which she did well winning the match 3-0 again. The final saw Aimee once again choosing to ditch the high-ranking tournament Katas and perform possibly her least used competition Kata, Seipai. Although least used, she practices all her Katas regularly and this showed as Aimee secured a final 3-0 to win to secure gold.


Thanks to Shindo-Kai's Phi Moody for organising this event, a well run competition.