Aimee retains title at Austrian Junior Open Karate Championships - 19th June 2010










Aimee Sell travelled to Salzburg in Austria to compete at the Junior Austrian Open Karate Championships. This was to be Aimee's 5th time competing at these championships and she has a fantastic record here, gaining a silver back in 2006 and since then claiming gold at each subsequent visit. Lat year Aimee had been accompanied by Ishinryu squad members Samantha Cannon and Emma Lucraft. All three girls claimed gold within their individual categories which was a superb achievement for Barking Abbey Ishinryu. This year the others couldn't make the trip leaving Aimee to carry the flag.


With over 1,000 entries from 22 countries this was to be another high standard European event that Aimee thrives on. The tournament has grown year-on-year and this year it had to be split across two days instead of it's usual single day.


Aimee competed on Saturday, the first day of the tournament and as usual there was a large number of entries in the Kata events. In Aimee's event, the Female Cadet 14-15 years Kata there was just under 60 individual entries including Bronze European Medallist Laura de Frenza from Italy and made this a six round event - nice.


The only issue with this tournament is that there are no compulsory Kata rounds, all Katas are free choice as long as they are not repeated and additionally the Katas to be performed do not have to recorded by the table before hand which gives the second opponent a slight advantage as their Katas can be changed depending on how they think their opponent performed. Last year Aimee had just turned 14 years old a few days earlier. Not content with being the youngest in her group, she was also draw first on the draw sheet and had to remain 'red' and perform first throughout the tournament. She went on to win that year too so she was more relaxed this time round being drawn mid table.


The 1st round saw Aimee receive a bye which meant Aimee was straight into the 2nd round.


Aimee was finally up and running in the 2nd round performing Nipaipo Kata against Nathalie Schmidt from Switzerland who performed Goju Shiho Sho. Aimee won the round 5 flags to 0.


Round 3 saw Aimee perform Unshu Kata against Annalena Steidle from Germany who performed Kanku Dai. Once again Aimee secured the win with a 5-0 victory.


A tougher round in the 4th as Aimee up first performed Annan Kata whilst her Swiss opponent, Melinda Mark, performed Suparinpei. Aimee's Kata was sharp and powerful enough for her to secure a 4-1 win.


The 5th round was the pool final and Aimee was 'red' once again and performed her Suparinpei Kata before her Italian opponent, Carlotta Villa performed Unsu. Another good 4-1 win for Aimee against a tough opponent.


The two pool finalist finally met, Aimee versus Denise Schwarzer from Germany. Aimee performed Chatanyara Kushanku with Denise performing Matsumura Bassai. Aimee performed a great Kata and retained her title taking gold with a convincing 5-0 victory.