37th Junior European Championships - 5-7th February 2010







Aimee Sell, along with six Ishinryu squad members from Aimee's Karate club, Barking Abbey Ishinryu, were selected to represent England at the 37th Cadet & Junior European Championships 2010. The competition was held in Izmir, Turkey over 3 days 5-7th February 2010.


This is the highest possible European tournament a Karate athlete can compete in. Each country can only have one representative in each of the categories contested which makes selection for these championships almost as difficult as the championships themselves.


So what a great honour and achievement it was for Barking Abbey Ishinryu to have six members recognised as being the best in England and be selected to represent their country.


At the European Championships, Aimee's club mate, Kate Karwacinski, became European Kumite Bronze medallist whilst Rebecca Birch and Aimee Sell both became European Team Kate medallists.


Journey to Turkey

A very early start for Aimee and the English Karate Federation Junior Squad all meeting up at 5.30am at Heathrow. The squad checked in and then went through to departures and very soon boarded their flight. The flight went fairly quickly considering it was 3.5hrs but they only had 45 minutes to get to their connecting flight! They got through passport control after 35 minutes, got to the gate on time and boarded. The flight was then slightly delayed due to the weather typical! 45 minutes later they safely landed in Izmir as did some of the other countries teams participating in these championships.


Once at the hotel the squad were allocated their rooms and met up half an hour later for a debrief from National Squad Coach, Wayne Otto OBE, on what was expected of the squad and the plan for the week. After the debrief they all went into the restaurant and enjoyed a pleasent meal.



Aimee Sell – Female Cadet Kata

Aimee Sell completed her first round tie against her opponent from Montenegro. It was Kanku-Dai versus Aimee’s Bassai-Dai and Aimee took all 5 flags.


The 2nd round saw Aimee against a German opponent who also performed Kanku-Dai. This time Aimee performed Seienchin and won the round 4-1.


The quarter-finals pitted Aimee against the current European Champion from Slovakia. Aimee performed Unshu but her opponent’s Paiku proved too strong winning all 5 flags.


The Slovakian went on to make the final leaving Aimee in the repechage semi-final against a French opponent. The French girl performed Unsu with Aimee performing Chatanyara Kushanku. Close but unfortunately for Aimee the French girl won 3-2 leaving Aimee 7th overall.



Female Junior Team Kata

The girls team of Rebecca Birch, Rachel Newey and Aimee Sell, took to the mats at the other end of the hall and were up shortly after the boys. The girls team faced Belarus in their first round match. Both teams performed Bassai-Dai as their opening round Kata but it was the England team that secured victory winning 4 flags to 1.


The 2nd round saw the girls team face Serbia. England performed Annan Kata whilst their opposition team performed Empi. The girls won this round 5-0 to take them to the semi-final where they faced Spain.


The Spanish team performed Unshu with the England team performing Suparinpei. Unfortunately the Spanish team proved too strong and won the match 5-0.


The girls were placed in the repechage final though with a chance of claiming bronze should they beat their Turkish opponents. The Turkish team performed Unsu and also their Bunkai following their Kata. The England girls performed Unshu and also their Bunkai once the Kata was completed. The girls were victorious winning 4 flags to 1 and claiming a team Kata medal.