All About Aimee - Beginnings



I started my Karate training at the age of six in 2002 at Shuhari Kai Karate Club, a traditional Wado Ryu club, and I graded Black Belt in May 2007 just shy of my twelfth birthday. I guess I started because my brother, Alex Sell, had been learning Karate for a few years. I wouldn't say I'm ultra competitive towards him due to him being three years older, but all the same, if he could do it, I definitely could!



I remember my first lesson in Karate, I was quite shy and really nervous but I had been copying Alex for ages so I already  knew a lot of the basics. I must have looked like I knew what I was doing out there in the on the mats as I was double graded straight away by my instructor, Sensei Richard Burridge.


I started to compete in Karate tournaments at the age of seven. Initially competing in both Kumite and Kata events, however I was soon forced out of the Kumite scene due to my injury, (see Sayonara to Kumite).  Shame really as I was a real feisty fighter, not afraid to get stuck in and fight the boys. I never really saw myself going down the Kata route due to learning Wado Katas and nearly always losing. For competition, well, they're just not flamboyant enough when you compare to Gojo, Shotokan or Shitoryu style Katas.



Following in Alex's footsteps once again, I started having Kata lessons with Sensei Jonathan Mottram learning Shitoryu style Katas for competition. You could say I picked up these Katas really quickly, but once again I already knew most of the basic moves thanks to Alex. I was really fortunate to have an understanding instructor in Richard Burridge who encouraged both of us be the best we could and allowed us to train with Jonathan Mottam so I owe him a lot.


Eventually the inevitable happened and I switched clubs in 2008 to join Jonathan Mottram at Barking Abbey Ishinryu Karate Club where I could focus more on competition Kata training. I am now still taught by my Kata coach Jonathan Mottram who, incidentally,  has been promoted to the position of England National Kata coach. I decided to move clubs in order to train in a more competitive environment which also gave me more options for team events.


It's a big step switching clubs after so many years, you develop a sense of loyalty towards your instructor, so it wasn't a decision taken lightly, it was a big wrench, but ultimately one I felt was right.



Now just specialising in Kata has given me more focus in this sporting discipline which has helped me win many, many titles thus far over my junior career. I have had great success at competitions, both domestically and internationally. I have held both the English National and British National Championship titles jointly on many occasions (see Major Titles). These National Championships represent the most prestigious and toughest tournaments in Britain.


So what does the future hold...?


I don't know, I help teach at Barking Abbey Ishinryu, I love Kata, I love competing, I love the tactics, I love the research, I like teaching. One thing's for sure, it is my aim, my ambition, to represent my country in more WKF World and European finals... and win!